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 An important message for families from Keith Daniel

[b]Don't Forsake Your Godly Heritage[/b]

This is such an important message for families to listen to, especially for [b]young people to listen to.[/b] This message is a very sober warning from Keith Daniel to young people from godly homes NOT to forsake the heritage they have in godly parents.

A few notes I took from this message:

[b]Don’t Forsake Your Godly Heritage[/b]

[i]Keith Daniel[/i]

Malachi 2:14-16, Eph. 5:21, 6:1-4

“Be careful to let your spirit be controlled by My Spirit.”
The Holy Spirit takes control to the degree you are surrendered.

The way ou treat your wife will effect the way you raise your children.

What causes a wounded spirit in this world? A wounding that has stripped away the inner dignity (ability to survive) and hold on life to get up and go on.

Being born into a godly home does not mean that a child will be godly. Being godly doesn’t mean you don’t have fear, a great concern. Job feared for his children. It’s staggering how many children in godly homes choose to reject godliness.

Eli’s sons killed their father.

Oh what right is taken way from the godly if your children choose evil.

A foolish son is the calamity (ruin, ruination) of his father. The freewill choice of men enables children to rebel with their parents being totally godly. (Having foreknowledge does not make God guilty of causing men to choose evil). You’ll never explain God, but don’t blame God for your limitations. This God of infinity cannot be judged on a human level.

You can do horrible things to your parents.

Romans 9 - God grieved over what He knew Esau would eventually do. But God had a holy righteous joy in foreseeing what Jacob would become. Esau made choice that grieved his parents, he broke their hearts. Esau disregarded the godliness of his parents. He wasted his father and mother’s influences. Without hesitation he threw away integrity and honor and lived for the pleasure of the moment. He wasted a godly heritage.

[u]A warning[/u] to all children from godly homes who know the privilege of godly parents:

[u]What is the morsel of soup that you would stoop to take that would cause you to forsake honor and purity, and forsake the godly way of your parents?[/u]

Don’t play the fool with God.

Is being entertained worth being defiled?
Be careful, so careful. Flee from these lusts.

Choose your friends carefully, stay away from evil people. You witness to the unsaved, but don’t befriend them. Prov. 13:20; 14:9.
If you can’t find a godly person, stay alone. Godly fellowship is a good thing, seek it. God will bring them if you desire them. But [u]don’t[/u] choose compromising Christians for friends. You’ll be staggered at how quickly you’ll fall and start to mock your parents.

(A word to parents)
They need to be given a life to replace what they can’t have. Don’t leave a void.

You must give your children roots and you also must give them wings or you will destroy them. If you don’t give them wings they’ll never, never be able to stand alone (mention of overbearing mothers).

There comes a moment when God seals your choice.

 2007/12/10 18:18

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 Re: An important message for families from Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel is awsome..
Do we know when his sermons will be available from his tour here in the u.s.?


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poet wrote:
Keith Daniel is awsome..
Do we know when his sermons will be available from his tour here in the u.s.?

The messages from his first meetings in Missouri are now available [url=]here (click link)[/url]

 2007/12/10 19:01

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