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 Gleanings from 'How To Grow Spiritually' (Roy Daniel)

At the end of September Roy Daniel gave these three messages at our family camp. I highly recommend listening to all three of them.

[b]How To Grow Spiritually - Part 1[/b]

[b]How To Grow Spiritually - Part 2[/b]

[b]How To Grow Spiritually - Part 3[/b]

I took notes on the last two messages. To get the full jist of what Roy was preaching it would be best to listen to the messages; otherwise these notes will seem a bit fragmentary. :)

Please listen to these messages and share what you glean from them.

[b]How To Grow Spiritually[/b]

[i]Roy Daniel[/i]

How do you measure your spirituality?

What you believe will affect what you do to become spiritual.

[b]Part 2 [/b]

How did the Galatian church measure their spirituality? Wrongly and rightly?

The devil will bring to you a false idea of God’s will for your life. False rules. The devil loves to give Christian’s rules.

1 Tim. 6:7 – God has given us all things to enjoy, including water balloons. : )

Gnostics – considered the most innocent pleasures to be sin.

If you desire to do God’s will above all things you are in danger of taking rules that are not of God for you. Example of Ned Princely – condemnation. Resist the lies that have taken hold of your life.

When the feelings leave the devil will give you rules. Example of ‘Hacky’ with the desire to marry– a drive to impress God, but in bondage to rules. 1 Tim. 4:1-3.

Are you bound with rules in your spiritual life? The devil can make all kinds of things sin to you. He can even make encouragement sin. The devils going to get enough people to discourage you, it’s not sin to be encouraged.

Anything can become sin. In the flesh Christians can crucify themselves with rules. “Some Christians always die and never live.” – Colin Peckham

“The more rules I lay down the more I sin.” – Spurgeon

There’s a difference between rules and discipline. It takes discipline to seek God.

We must stay under authority, even if we don’t agree with the rules our authorities have we must submit. The greatest mission is [u]sub[/u]mission.

Postures – don’t let praying on your knees become a rule. Wonderful things can become bondage when we make them into rules.

Prayer is like handles on a hammer. One is an ivory handle (elaborate prayers), one is a wood handle (simple, plain prayers). The point is not the handle but that you hit the nail on the head. Do you ask for anything? God loves to answer your prayers because you are His child.

When you’re struggling, don’t let the devil get you down.


Many people go from one extreme to another. Christ’s commandments are not grievous. The condition for God bringing down the walls of Jericho was the obedience of the children of Israel.

You must do God’s commandments.

The world does not have a great spiritual concern for people. But we (the church) are to have that concern.

John 14:31; Luke 22:42; Phil. 2:8

God blessed His Son for His obedience. We show our love by obedience.

[b]Part 3[/b]

What is possible through faith?

A sinner should come with the right motives – sorrowful over his sin.

Spurgeon for seven years sought life, not Jesus, and he was caught up with rules and legalism.

Salvation is not complicated. It just takes one look to Christ.

The riches we have in Christ Jesus did not cost God little, they cost Him much.

God wants us to know those things that are freely available to us in Jesus. These are things freely given in Jesus.

He that believeth on Christ – rivers of living water will flow from you. This is given freely. We don’t work it up. We rest in the faithful One. He longs for us. If we rest in Him then on His side He will make the waters to flow.

Brother Lawrence learned not to lean on emotions. He kept praying. He learned to rest in the Lord.

All things – given through the knowledge of Him – Jesus!

It’s so wonderful that as Christians we have everything we need to grow.

Even as Jesus had grace to live and die, so we have grace to live and die. We have grace to [u]help in time of need.[/u] As we need it, He gives it. In Christ Jesus we can be set free.

We have victory in Jesus.

In Christ we have liberty, liberty from millions of rules, we have liberty to come to God.

1 Peter 2:5

Prayer – remind yourself that God accepts the sacrifice of your prayers because of Jesus.

God accepts the obedience we bring before Him because of Jesus Christ.

We have authority in Christ Jesus.

Everything is an acceptable sacrifice because of Christ!

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have temptation, failure, and even fear. God doesn’t take away our weaknesses, He gives us grace in Jesus Christ.

Col. 2:3, “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Go through the New Testament and write down what you have in Christ Jesus. Have a treasure hunt through the Bible.

Forget about the thorn, find out about the abundant revelation!

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 Re: Gleanings from 'How To Grow Spiritually' (Roy Daniel)

Do you ask for anything? God loves to answer your prayers because you are His child.

This jumped out at me. I think because of the prosperity heresy and man-centered gospel, we try to over-correct the wheel and end up in trouble on the other side of the road as well. I was thinking of this very thing last Sunday. I know that quite often I am hesitant to ask God for anything during prayer...especially for anything of material worth. I have become so disgusted with the whole material gospel and those who use my Husband as a cosmic social worker that I would just as soon avoid all such requests in prayer.

But this is error also.

When a vehicle begins to swerve off the road, the immediate reaction is to crank the wheel in the opposite direction. But if we crank the wheel too far we can swerve across the double yellow line and cause a head-on collision. On one side of the road we have trees; on the other side we have the on-coming traffic. Safety and life are balanced between the two, in the middle, in our lane.

My safety lane has been paved and marked by the instructions of Jesus. He teaches me to [i]ask[/i] things of God, and He reminds me that our Father relishes giving good gifts to His children. We are ecouraged to ask things of God, for the things that we [i]need[/i], and the things that are revealed and pressed upon our spirits by the Holy Spirit. For the growing Christian, this thing is the thirsty desire to be more, more, more, more like the Lord Jesus Christ - in word, in secret thought, and in action.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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