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 An angry atheist with a huge heart.

My Christian family

I work at a fast food restaurant every night and I ride (my bicycle) to and from work. On my way from work I have been seeing a homeless man sitting outside by the beach. The reason I noticed him in particular is because he has long hair and a long beard (a little like the stereo-typical view we have of John the Baptist). He dresses in white and walks bear footed. If you ride past him he will smile and say good morning. In fact, at a distance he generates such a feeling of well being insomuch that I did not think he was homeless at all, just eccentric…

A few days ago I began to talk to this man; well actually he initiated the “first contact”. He offered me some sweets and I declined and rode on. I was so preoccupied with my own “problems” that I just shrugged him away. As I rode I felt a feeling of intense guilt and so I stopped, turned around and went to talk to this nice man.

A I approached him I was greeted by an “unpleasant” emanation, he had not bathed in a while. His nails were long and dirty. His clothes were stained. He carried a blanket and a towel. And he would not look at me in the eye, but he was very courteous all the same. We spoke for about five minutes and he was very cheerful on the surface, but I could not help feeling sorry for him. He was hiding how distraught he was (and not doing a very good job of it). And thus it began that we would speak to each other everyday on my way from work. It was all just casual chit-chat interrupted by a few brief pauses when he would stop to offer someone a sweet (very few would take them); until today…

I was becoming increasingly concerned about this man and how he lived, and I began to pry into his life. I have noticed the homeless are usually very humble and he did not take offence with any of my questions. After some intense interrogation, I came to learn that this man was schizophrenic (hence unable to hold down a job), on welfare, cold and very hungry. He ate very little and to “conserve energy” he moved around very little. And what of the sweets I hear you ask; he go those from the $3-$4 a day he received from “compassionate” passers by…he told me giving took his mind away from the pain (emotional). And finally the big question, are you a religious man at all…this certainly broke the tension! That was apparently the most amusing thing he had heard in a long time. He told me he was too angry and too negative. I assured him I did not get that vibe from him at all; which turned out to be another funny remark from me (I was on a role). I told him I was a Christian and he became sober, almost sad. I perceived that I could not minister to him in words at that point, but maybe my actions would suffice for now.

I invited him to my house, he reclined…it was too far away. I gave him all the money I had (very little). And he said, “thank you, this will take my mind of the pain, if at least have a full stomach”. (May I also add that he never once asked me for money in all the time I have known him, not even when I gave it to him. Moreover, the little money he has, he gives away in the sweets). He would not have told me about his problems if I had not coerced him…in short he is a better Christian than me. I wan to help him but I don’t know what I can do for him. May I ask anyone who reads this to pray for him ( I never got his name, believe it or not) that he may find God and peace.

Thank you for your time.
Your son in Christ

James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

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 Re: An angry atheist with a huge heart.


I am so glad you shared this with us! I was going to post something I got in my email today having to do with this subject but i haven't gotten to it yet. Wow, the Lord works mysteriously. :)

in Him, chanin

[b]i walk as dead among the living,[/b]

A shadow against a backdrop of other shadows

Slithering from light

Craving its liberation

Fearing its touch

Horrified at what may be revealed

My teeth are broken, rotted

So i do not smile

i am among the unacknowledged

Those seen in blur

Who hear the nervous sounds of car doors

Locking shut at intersections

As i walk past

Seeking shelter from the storm of resentment for my intrusion

i hold no sign promising work for food

Collecting nothing but discarded cans

And sidewise glances

One of the lost boys

A forgotten soul

Another grain of sand

Lost to the erosions

Of chance and time

i've slept under bridges i fear to cross

Like fresh road kill waiting to expire

A phantom without a discernable face

A shadow against the backdrop of other shadows

Slithering from light

Craving its touch

Fearing its liberation

i walk as dead among the living

James 2:5, "Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?"

Bryan Hupperts © 2004


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 Re: An angry atheist with a huge heart.

Did the man say WHY he was so angry? That might be a window for the gospel.

I find many who are angry with the "church" are very open to the TRUTH.

Well done leting him know the motive behind your good works.

Keep it up brother


matthew bauer

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