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KrispyKrittr wrote:
[b]Miriam...[/b] Thank you for the clarification that you offered here. I would second the motion that we should investigate and make sure we know what we're talking about, especially in a public forum like this.

My prayer for this discussion is that it does not become a platform for two people to go at each other over something that appears to be personal. From what I'm able to tell, both you and "Destiny" have blogs and other means on the internet in which to offer your views about each other. Hopefully it will not spill over into this forum because that is not what this forum is here for.

Since you were personally attacked on this thread it is understandable that you would want to clarify whats going on. I think you had a right to do that. I would do the same thing. But I'm not sure this discussion should continue beyond this point. We should let the moderators of this forum make that decision.

Personally I've never heard of either of you, nor have I had time to look into this whole issue (mainly because I dont care). I just pray that the grace and mercy of our Lord will open the eyes of whoever is in the wrong, and bring the two of you together in fellowship... a fellowship that is based on the truth of the Bible, and nothing else.


Amen Krispy, well said!

 2007/12/5 12:22

 Re: How should a true prophet react to accusations that they are false?

Jeremiah 28:

[color=990000]1 And it came to pass the same year, in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the fourth year, and in the fifth month, that Hananiah the son of Azur the prophet, which was of Gibeon, spake unto me in the house of the LORD, in the presence of the priests and of all the people, saying,
2 Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, saying, I have broken the yoke of the king of Babylon.
3 Within two full years will I bring again into this place all the vessels of the LORD’S house, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took away from this place, and carried them to Babylon:
4 And I will bring again to this place Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, with all the captives of Judah, that went into Babylon, saith the LORD: for I will break the yoke of the king of Babylon.
5 Then the prophet Jeremiah said unto the prophet Hananiah in the presence of the priests, and in the presence of all the people that stood in the house of the LORD,
6 Even the prophet Jeremiah said, Amen: the LORD do so: the LORD perform thy words which thou hast prophesied, to bring again the vessels of the LORD’S house, and all that is carried away captive, from Babylon into this place.
7 Nevertheless hear thou now this word that I speak in thine ears, and in the ears of all the people; 7 Nevertheless hear thou now this word that I speak in thine ears, and in the ears of all the people;
8 The prophets that have been before me and before thee of old prophesied both against many countries, and against great kingdoms, of war, and of evil, and of pestilence.
9 The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD hath truly sent him.
10 Then Hananiah the prophet took the yoke from off the prophet Jeremiah’s neck, and brake it.
11 And Hananiah spake in the presence of all the people, saying, Thus saith the LORD; Even so will I break the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the neck of all nations within the space of two full years. And the prophet Jeremiah went his way...[/color]

Sisters, maybe the best thing would be to each ask the Lord to search your own hearts, to show you if your attitude to each other and to your calling in Him is as He would desire?

1Co 13:2
[color=990000]And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.[/color]

This is a deeply challenging word for all of us

in Him


 2007/12/5 12:35


I've held off here and just prayed since my own thread entitled [url=]A Serious Warning from Paul.[/url] where Des posted her vision.

I had just came back to post some Apologetic sites and barely read the prophecy, only seeing "war-Iraq" and "when I saw Jesus" and felt upset about the post.

Des was not happy with the Websites that expose false moves, etc. of God - which also made me nervous.

Seeing this thread - I felt Des should have posted her blog url for us to discern also.

When anyone is publically demeaned like this, the party accused has the right to a public defense of themselves.
Miriam did the right thing.

I felt that this thread was posted for "us" to go do the search and destroy mission for Des.

It made no other sense to me.

I spent most of yesterday at Miriam's site.

My first impression was that she sounded on those same individuals that the links I put up sound out on also.

I don't have to fully agree with either Des or Miriam, but that doesn't give me the right to publically do what was done with this thread.

I hope this ends it here for 'this' subject.

I've posted my thoughts on "prophets and prophecies" on other threads in the past.

Also ~ I completely agree with Ccchhhrrriiisss and PaulWest's posts on our own.

LORD Bless.

 2007/12/5 13:20

Joined: 2007/11/19
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I am asking forgiveness for the offence of actually giving the name of this person,Miriam...It occurs to me that it would be a good thing to bring understanding to those who have been led to believe that my motives have been evil...I am in braindamage-misfunction-misfiring etc.I forget that what is simple for others to 'get'..I may not understand and I must ask for clarification.sometimes things can slip out of my mind even though I have spent lots of effort to learn them,as in mathematics ,reading music,memorizing lines...names leave quickly but eyes/souls I rarely forget and I can remember every lesson,experience and concept that pertains to God's kingdom that I have been exposed to..almost like a kind of idiot savant and at times I am like an autistic child...strange but true..sometimes I am a real embarrassment for my mostly grown I can go in and out of being socially adept and then is something I do not think about unless it is in my face...I forget to see myself as disabled because I am so grateful of all I can do. I asked in this post for prayers that I might know whether to proceed in what I believe God has been revealing to me about a need to open up a teaching that helps others to see visions and dreams with a more discerning eye..forcing me to remove all motes and clarify for myself what i have seen and experienced since I can remember.Normally I clearly see and know of many of the things people prophecy years before someone says anything publically,most of us do right?...I have been called to pray and intercede,as Christ ever lives giving this gift of intercession and since most of my time is spent with Him,naturally this is what I am doing.I see the necessity for and am grateful for the websites that are opposing extremes,out and out falsehood and the more subtle distinctions in wrongful belief that can destroy a believer's spiritual life...I also look for balance in their presentation and purity of heart,humilty and mercy and yes!I ask questions..these questions do not mean I am in disagreement as I am always searching for the He is life to me and He is truth.Living with a disablity is very challenging and requires a great dependance upon God's mercy,patience and most appreciated,His loving kindness...asking for help from others was difficult here,I have found many have no patience to teach or help someone else fully understand...many take offense and become incredibly defensive..I have learned to trust in God for His Grace and He has given me Ability to compensate for whatever disadvantages I face in life through a damaged brain,which He is healing!little by little,day by day.
Much of what I am accused of is very hard to relate to..though I seek God for any and all possibility of these things in my heart..I am more like a little child and I have been asking Him how do I bring correction as you are asking without falling into judgement. I have not claimed to be a prophet as Mrs.Franklin states and there is only one post that I wrote her besides the ones she showed you,I saved it on impulse..she said more than once that I was afraid of confrontation and so I decided I would begin to give her a very small portion of what I'd been given for her...She can surely dish it out..but most certainly does not like it measured back...I do truly forgive her,I am very much aware that I have not tried to communicate with anyone like her for a long time...I saw she was in danger,I was uncertain how to reach her...I learn as I go ...blunders,foolishness and all..perhaps I could have mentioned I was disabled,but I fail to see how this would have done nothing more than increase her dismissive and contemptual attitude..I have been thankful for her in that coming to know her through her blog I have been taken into places for review in my own heart..ohh so necessary and so much appreciated..and by desiring to/being led to assist another we are always given a great benefit of applying it all back onto ourselves..a common practice for me.
A great comfort for me in this type of disability is that it does not affect my spiritual mind,eyes or ears...even if it can make me appear to be rather odd to others..this I've come to accept..though since it is not I who live but Christ who lives in me..He says that He uses people like me to test the hearts and minds of all who come in contact with me,especially those who call themselves by His Name..I have not always enjoyed this aspect of it all, as I have seen Him move against the cruel and the proud and those who wield their authority wrongly,even though I begged Him to forgive them.If only they had known..they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory...God's strategies haven't changed in all this time.
I remember when I wrote this post ,we were moving to a new place and I was shown to ask for help,the confirmation I was looking for,I needed prayer from those who might see my request...but even in this I did not know that naming her was not helpful in led others to lean on their own understanding by giving them too much information yet not enough..gosh I do feel stupid..I get to feel stupid alot...I am not stupid,I am learning,I knew i was going to have to say her name and i had intended to do this when I wrote what God had given me...I'd hoped there was another way to do this but He had chosen her as an example in which to teach me and I was for the most part certain,I could not tell if I was fearful due to the intensity of the leviathan type nature of the spiritual stronghold I found myself facing..Miriam is only one of many I've seen to veer off,but because she was in the middle between the two opposing sides...I could clearly see why he'd chosen her for this audit/Correction...He asked me to treat her works as a term paper or mid term testpaper that I was helping the Teacher to correct and evaluate for accuracy in interpretation of visions and dreams..we do not see our own selves/flesh as clearly as others can of this I am sure..this is why we need one another to care so deeply for us and why we need to humbly recieve correction ..if someone says they are grieved look closely at why this might be not excuse it lightly..go low and be willing to be wrong even when you believe yourself to be right. I do not recognize the sweet nature of my patient Teacher in Miriam's responses to me...but then again she has not perceived my disability and so holds me up to ridicule...I have never seen her yield to anyone's correction yet.Falseness comes in many facets/disguises...The false prophet will not be false so much in what he prophesies are but in the manner or subtle misrepresentation of the true heart and mind of Christ Jesus who is my dearest love and Redeemer.
I often forget that my brain works differently than ability thus far to express what I am trying to say so that others do not misconstrue in regards to typing is a brand new thing to me. Am I to stop trying to reach out to others because it is more difficult and I might not know the guidelines that others take for granted...may you all be patient with me.I am learning that I must reread everything so I cannot be rushed or in a hurry ... I've noticed I skip entire phrases at times and if not proofread I laugh to see how silly and disjointed what I've written can become..truly laughable,and a bit trying for others I am sure.. I do not need pity or even sympathy really,I know that God knows exactly what I am saying and why.. He knows that I love repentance.. Honestly!I love to be shown where I am wrong ...when I am wrong...God knows this very well...He has often told me recently that I am too polite and yes I have been known to argue with God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit for the,diversion of disasters as well as the souls of the lost and won many!All of heaven has rejoiced with me in this.And though I have seen much of what is to come..this happens in little ways every day and as well as in larger ways...i am alarmed at the syncronicity of my prayer and thought life with what is happening all over the nation...but this is not what I am to discuss here except to say again that we plead daily for the Lord to show mercy,and note how few lives are lost in relation to what we were shown...ohh thanksgiving abounds for His incredible compassionate mercy.I have no axe to grind...I am not angry at Miriam...I am sorrowful and lovesick for Jesus to be formed within her soul.
to the sister who believed the worst of me,He Reigns..I asked you to pray..I do not expect you to do anything unless you are so led and can have a cheerful heart in your giving of your time and effort on my behalf,I was suprised to learn that you skimmed what I've written to you..I mean you can do things anyway you choose to,but I guess that is between you and Jesus...I have been doing my own homework here as the Lord has led,He placed my hand upon this plow and breaking up the fallow ground of this new field(for me) has been no cake walk...I would never have mentioned names if I'd known how it would dirty up the place...forgive me...I do not search and destroy people..this is foriegn to me ...I may wrestle against principalities and powers to destroy the works of the enemy of all Christ is and stands for..and I may be asked to pull down vain imaginations by exposing how things people say and see do not add up according to heavenly law/principle,let alone basic human logic...but I am not allowed to condemn or curse heart won't go there anyway...I am accustomed to loves discretion covering the sins of others and breaking them free through other methods..most of the lost sheep i have been blessed to find,serve and restore have been so downtrodden they do not need anyone to tell them where they are wrong they are well aware and confess there sins to me automatically...hardened criminals to the desperately wounded in mind and heart,but ripened fruit,ready for the were bothered that I have seen Jesus in a vision? also an actual visitation at 22...I have often asked why me ? I don't know perhaps it was because of all I had suffered before I was even 19...parental abandonement,countless brutal beatings,kidnappings,rapes,stalkings,overdoses, shock treatments/attempted brainwashing and varied multiple murderous attempts on my life from coast to coastas well as the Hawaiian Islands,homelessness and hunger,humiliation and then perhaps because of what would follow in later years... to give me a place of safety within my memory where I could always be safe and remember who I am in Jesus and who He is to me. I am an overcomer as God has promised I would be and He has given me so much through the glorious gift of forgiveness(oh the wonderful marvelous cross!) for myself as well and especially towards all of those who have perpetrated evil against me!I love forgiveness! I live there..nestled deep in His heart...because of the challenges I face in regards to my brain and the way it sometimes doesn't work as I'd like it to I have experianced an added grace...a way that God speaks to me along with His written word..He is the Author and Finisher of my faith and my life's story has been His to write,to make beautiful as He's promised,hidden in Christ Jesus,well known but as unknown.My greatest desire and ambition since I was old enough to have one has been to be just like Jesus...I believe I chose the very best thing.He has made me His ambassador.I will continue to love and plead the powerful blood of Christ for the beloved brethren(whether deceived and deluded,blinded by pride or broken,humble and crushed to be poured out as fine wine) regardless of whatever love and acceptance is returned...all love is never wasted..if not received by the is stored up for the lover..and returned to strengthen and restore the faithful in times of great need.In my weakness,He is Strong!I give thanks for my frailities as I am never very far away from this I believe I am less apt to be so demanding of others...And yes i have ears to hear when God says He has had enough and my eyes have seen his judgements played I am not naive to the realities as some would think..I give thanks for the lessons learned here and having wept last night to see my mistake and it's impact,am free to move forward in peace and joy willing to undertake whatever task He places before me...unfettered by fear or doubt.
Again please forgive me for actual wrongs and misperceived wrongs as well. In Him who loves and forgives us...unfailingly..unconditionally!
God's mercy endures forever!

I will enjoy reading more of your posts in the days to come and will make an effort to get whatever clues on protocal that I can from the long timers here.

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

 2007/12/13 0:09Profile

 Re: Sis, please read these 2, side by side.

Quote by destinysweet on 2007/12/4 0:53:17

Please...I am seeking confirmation..though it seems that I get it every morning noon and night, as to whether I am to expose publically on my blog the false teachings,falsely interpreted dreams and visions of Mrs. Rosilund Franklin (who also calls herself Miriam) for the twisted and deceptive works of the darkness that has taken hold of her own soul...I have been interceding for her for just over 3 mos.and wrote her a few small corrections and one rather lengthy one that she did not dare to keep on her site lest her fan club/followers see the truth...I have never done this sort of thing before and I have given God every excuse I could find to opt out..more accurately I do not feel this is a fleshly zeal type of move on my part...I have suffered from deception of many shapes and sizes and rejoice in the clarity that Jesus has given is a horrible thing to be twisted and used of the enemy when your real desire is to do God's will...I felt as though I was the least likely person to do this but it seems that because i know the territory so well it is easy for me to see what is motivating and and guiding the interpretations she gives as of these visions and dreams which are routinely misunderstood and thus misdirected and misinterpreted..I am seeing a very clear connection between the beast(accuser of the brethren )and the false prophet(presenting a false image of Christ Jesus and what He..the True is actually saying to His people about our covenant with all believers and our responsibility to pray for them to be restored..with real faith..not the attitude that is evidenced on this woman's site...God's mercy working through the powerful act of our blessed Lord is the only thing that will keep us from falling from grace in the days to come..those who endure until the end will have to be very very grounded in this truth..God's mercy endures forever...mercy will we endure? who will endure? Those who do not stray far from mercy..safely tucked under this mighty I need you to pray and ask God for a word or a witness or a warning for me...that this severe mercy of calling her to cease and desist from cursing the people of God,breaking covenant with God and those of His who may be stumbling as they try to find His way..worse than Balaam..He at least listened to the donkey...anyway...since she has blocked me from pleading with her in private..should I release the audit I have been led to do on her...unraveling the lies of the enemy that are woven throughout the articles and posts and responses to God's people who are either warning or pandering to her. I keep dying to it and handing it back to him and He keeps opening it up further and further...I have from the beginning of being led to her site taken all I have seen to heart(confessing my own sin as there is so much spiritual pride I can identify in my own heart..any is too much for is so good at hiding from me that I need others at times to notice it for me) after I've checked myself as thorughly as I know in the presence of my living Savior/If not more rigorously than I've scrutinized her..I ams till left with what seems to be him asking me to please take it on as though i were correcting a term paper froman underclassman as the student teacher who helps the Teacher do this ness. work.It is facinating and has been no waste as far as the time spent..God is good to reward us when we obey Him..I am still it a stategy of God to expose this type of thing in a comprehensive manner that would help the uninitiated( those who do not regularly recieve dreams and visions)learn how to discern by sharing what He has been teaching me...we are moving to anew place..funny it used to house priests years ago..I am of his royal priesthood and I will continue to pray and believe for all who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be delivered from deception and delusions of granduer etc...I have known spiritual insanity and believe He is the cure for all these things i am living proof...He will save these to the uttermost of this madness if we will love them love them...yes love them enough to intercede and obey Him in what He shows us to do this what you want me to do My precious Lord Jesus?...please give my brethren witness by your Spirit if it is so. I will not be back on line till the 11th or 12th so if you feel led leave me a word...thanks..even writing this with her name was a leap of faith for me...her website is endtimespropheticword..sorry have to go we are unplugging the computer for a week..pray for me beloved!..Destiny

 2007/12/13 0:19

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 Re: there something you'd like to share...something that has been impressed upon you that you can see that I cannot? Please feel free.

When I 1st saw(after reading everyones thoughts) that I'd been too worried, evidently not trusting,impatient and stressing and had jumped at the opportunity to get a quick fix...can we get this over with God so I can go onto something more pleasant..less mucky?Cut and dried..perhaps less challenging I only trying to spare myself? how this felt to be carrying what felt like a monstrous burden..I was looking out over all these folks warring with one another and my heart just felt moved to be of some service to God in turning this tide so that everyone would be more prepared for what was coming.I'd forgotten the simple truth that God is in control, And He will save,is saving to the uttermost,completely and so very able is He..He may show it to me as a plague of sorts,like a very virulent virus,infectious and deadly..and also assure me in my horror that He intends to use me as part of the solution,the He not the Great Healer?So how come i am so frightened of being defiled by it myself,since when has that ever been a concern before,hasn't the gift of faith given,which I see as Jesus'Holy Ghost..the Father's faith vs our measure,hasn't this given me boldness(and I remember some of the trouble I've gotten myself into and think..well yes..I'm over that..this has got to be You God or I'm not up for way...and then I began to see the 'penny'(problem)held up in front of my eye blocking my vision,it was all I could see...and so I laughed and pulled it back further(remembering something wise I'd read long ago) and abit more and saw that it was really a small thing when I considered all that was there to see.(as Abe looked benignly,yet not without sorrow,with the barest hint of a knowing smile,as if to say...I too know of a house divided...of a warring people and slaughter over freedom for all alike)

The first night,11th, I sat weeping over my impatience...I 'd really thought I was being patient..but I'd been praying for some folks in positions of influence over many little babes in Christ,as well as national leaders for over a decade quelling the occaisional shove to get expose their stuff...even to write a letter of warning..what had made this so different? I'm not absolutely certain,but I can guess that I now felt it was time to rise up and say what had been said over years in my closet..regardless of whether I was out of alignment in a degree here..a misunderstanding there...a doctrine swallowed and not yet understood as a doctrine of man or demons.Was I allowing this virus to go unchecked by not doing everything I could to inform others...the dilligent and the truth seekers would already know..but was I being miserly..somehow in an effort not to lose myself in unbridled generosity..This can be the case with me.Those times I was feeling a shove..and that frantic uneasiness..this responsibility to help them see to rescue those who were getting sucked into whatever it is that I'd seen...breathing as it were this poisonous gas...not an earthly gas,mind you...but deadly just the seemed as though God had said..they can't hear you right now..and if you confront them ..or awaken love before it pleases..they will harden their hearts and we will lose them...just pray for now,bind it here,in the heavens and when the time comes it will be bound and made manifest upon the earth ..and it shall cover the earth as the water covers the always begins in the Spirit,fear not...and love grew inside my own heart. Does that make sense to you?

I'm trying to break up my paragraphs so it is not so hard to read...even though this is still the same subject..oh,dear. thank you for your full attention... over the last night and day..I felt Jesus say ...has this become to heavy for your shoulders,little one?..Did you forget that the government of my everlasting kingdom is settled firmly here...resting upon My capable shoulders? and I felt something lift and lighten,'You may be yoked to me but remember who it is that guides and directs,determining when to turn and go back the other way..who keeps the lines straight..(I've seen this before as me walking as an ox yoked besides Him who is actually way bigger,for one thing because He is a man,and though it does not appear to be equal ly yoked beside Him ...get real...but therein lies that which defies logic. It appears that surely He is really pulling the entire load of this heavy plow and apparatus..usually,I am barely able to feel the strain...though I am not slacking..His strength and stature are what's really making it all happen.) is not as though I can blighthly(sp) say with a toss of my hair..not my problem...God's that does not resonate as ringing true... if one is suffering,one of these little ones is decieved,or torn...however it shows up..all suffer..we are all one(potentially) in the highest sense of the kingdom and until He actually seperates the sheep from the goats..we've got to believe for the full sanctification..the full saving grace of His mighty Blood and amazing undeniably mandatory sacrifice to be brought to bear upon those who are brought to our attention...all inclusive..If one loses all lose...there may be a time of only sorrow and shame for those whose faith was so meager/miserly.So I ask for it to be revealed where mine also is lacking..because if I can concieve of it/percieve it in others...don't let me overreact and think is probably lurking nearby,waiting for me...and if I'm able to be honest I've probably got a portion of it somewhere in this deceitful heart of mine...and yet He says ...I gave you a new heart,mine when you gave me yours and you gave me your broken mind in exchange for Mine...believe it.Some trade-off huh?I definitely got the better part of the deal.

As you can see I desire balance..and I do trust Him to make this manifest,as this is the divine will for me and for all.

Perhaps this is not ok to say..I did not feel I needed to defend myself..Christ is my defence's more that I found something written about me in the 'prophecy' left on this thread for me...strong rebuke. And though I have determined in my heart that i will definately explain anything to anyone aabout the mistakes i've made if it will bring hope ,faith and help others to avoid the pitfalls...a righteous man falls many times and then GETS BACK UP! hallelujah...oh for the grace of God and the fullness of His mercy..oh blessed be the Name of the Counselor! but as far as me thinking I'm 'all that' or have been promoting myself as this or that title/office...and as for protecting my reputation..I remembered this remark and laughed and laughed and laughed at how utterly silly this notion is..I have absolutely no reputation to speak of...unless you wanted to dig up my inglorious past...I am actually quite infamous in some circles...the only reputation I could have hoped for has been so thoroughly,maligned,sladerized and at times purposely trashed,destroyed...oblitherated..lest I stand on my own merit and become that of which I dreaded more...and you know what...I don't rightly knowwhat part was actually part of God's plan and what part was just basic injustice and what part was just a crazy notion I had once about how to not give myself a reason to judge another..I'd been finding myself being made to play out judgements I'd made decades before,briefly perhaps ....but most definately disqualifying me from being able to smugly say "I would NEVER do that!" you can see I have been very lovesick!I so rejoice in this fact that in the kingdom of reputation is intact...every single way that I have missed the truest,purist mark of my Heavenly Father's standard, whether my motives and intention were righteous in my own eyes or not,in my attempts to further the kingdom come,or just plain rebellious tempertantrum,in your face was all the same bullseye is bullseye,as any archer knows everything else is sin..whether you hit the tree 10 yrds away,or come as close as can be,so as from a distance it appears youv'e hit it...until you walk up closer...ah...close but no cigar..and groans are heard all aroud..everyone was hoping it had been the eagerly sought after,ardently desired bullseye...after all this is where we get the term for sin..thank you Chuck Smith.

As someone who tends to push the envelope..not for the sake of doing so ..but out of a lack of awareness of how my brain was wired..not yet seeing the way my perceptions were being influenced by the lack of balance and the tendancy I had to forget to eat in feed the human,Destiny! I didn't purpose to fast it just sort of happened..Now I am much more focused on a more nurturing body ,soul and that the latter doesn't get jeapodized by not being grounded enough..for a time I justified the very questionable and oftimes delusional acts of self sacrifice as being undefiled because it was love that made me take the risks to save them,because of the fruit born in the undertaking...I have had to be very determined to be wrong so that i might be made right to overcome the tendrils of that twisted thing.

At times I am brought up short as I am searching my own heart..stop it you are now being like those who are compulsive obsessive and must clean and clean and scrub because they cannot feel will rub yourself stop it ...Your sins have all been confessed and repentance sought dilligently,forgiveness rendered..all things are made new! So I must rest in this.. my life has been redeemed from whatever I'd done...all these have been this is what He says. Adamant about it He is.

Once I thought "I don't understand how you can expect anyone to believe me,certainly with the present trend of the day secular and religious of hanging everyone's dirty laundry out for all to see and slaver over...hyenas,jackals and vultures everywhere." My oddball story only Glorified God in proving beyond a shadow of a doubt His amazing power to save to the uttermost,His incredible loving Mercy for one such as me,the least likely to suceed..that nothing was impossible with Him and that He did not desire to lose a single soul who had called upon His name...Would they understand how He had given me the treasures of mattered not...I had Him and I needed no other reputation than that of His to cover my foolish recklessness. To this He began by saying Acts..chapter 5 Annanias and Sapphira and I pondered this story..heavy duty story,this. He spoke about what He meant in regards to this type of radical judgement,reminding me of the smaller instances where I'd witnessed this,but He was saying it would not be small hidden obscure events but broader in scope."I'm bringing judgement upon my house like has begun..." wow..and so we..the Holy Ghost and I...the majestically noble and faithfully righteous angels who all hang out so close to guard me..we interceded through most of the night.After a few hours sleep..I was awakened abrubtly and told turn on the news...this was the first time in a very long time that I had a television...a few newstories stood out to me:

1. A man was climbing the steps (Santa Fe,New mexico)of a courthouse and dropped dead on his way to court. there was not given a reason as to the type of case he was involved in.

and He said "This is how it will be for anyone who dares to try and bring your past up as though to judge you and to try to do you harm."

2. Another storm had ripped through New Orleans through the night and torn apart the portions they were trying to rebuild.(Jan.or Feb 2006)
this was disturbing because that same night I had asked God if He meant what He'd said about not rebuilding there...if He'd relented.( there is much to this,but I'm not going into it at this time.)

there was more but you get my point..there is always more...I have been silent for what seems like a long time..and He has never left my side..never forsaken me as He promised me when He came to me in person...I am so glad..words cannot express the dimensions of my gratitude.His love never fails

you know my friend,my sister...I was thinking last night as I sought for the perfect will in this puzzling situation..perfect will,mind you..nothing more and nothing less..there might be a way to do this without having to name names...but you know how folks want to know what is your source...anyway..there is alot that can be used to show the differences between soulish and the spiritually discerned as in dreams and vision interpretation..but I am still giving this hot potato back..up to Him as I have been every few days since it started becoming obsession...I've really been's enough on this..besides I might of spoiled the opportunity to pull it off in a gentler fashion since writing her name already...maybe only a bare few have even seen it? Again and most importantly...may the Most High God's perfect will be done in this and all things pertaining to everything that concerns us.

Jesus...More of you and less,less,less! of us!

Thank you for your focus and your time...may more of His Amazing Majesty be seen(known) and the utter brilliance of His divine mind be recieved as given to us all who believe. and to those who don't know Him...draw them to yourself Father...reveal your Son.

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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 Re: When should a prophet keep silent and when speak?

Re Destiny's last post:

It's very difficult, when the Lord shows you something, to know how to handle it rightly.

One's information/discernment etc may be 100% correct, but what to [i]do[/i] with it is another matter!

I have to keep learning this lesson and still haven't quite got it. More than once it's got me into trouble by spilling the beans without the Lord's permission, (nearly happened again recently :oops:).

But when He says to speak we must speak, and when He says to be silent we must shut up!

Knowing which is which, and being willing to obey without question is the tricky part!

I expect you would all agree!

in Him


 2007/12/14 12:22

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wow! thanks so much for responding..for taking the time to read carefully what I've been writing.Boy! I could really feel the witness of the Holy Ghost as I read your loving words...No I do not live by feelings..but Jesus felt great compassion before He released healing virtue...but I certainly know the caress of God when I'm blessed to recieve it.

You inspired me to break up my paragraphs,Jeanette.I realized it was too hard to read the long letters,easy to lose your place.We live in a time of the sound bite...folks want everything served to them in a nut fast foods...instant gratification. I am not concerned with what folks may want...neither is concern is that they get what they need.The Spirit often does give us brief instruction,however most of the time He speaks to me in great detail,in order for me to fully understand His counsel,often taking me through what I already know to clarify/solidify the principles/precepts so that I can see how what He is about to reveal to me is the next step in learning of the kingdom of heaven.Like a student of algebra has to learn step by step...miss a step or two and you are lost once the equations become more complicated...then there is calculus, boggles the mind...but some are gifted in this area and my big brother got all the math smarts,but I was created to understand the kingdom of God,that I might be able to reveal Jesus to those who have lost their way.I am always looking to learn whatever my Father would have me know,and I trust him to be in charge of how that happens. I had to ask my daughter ,computer saavy from gradeschool,and she showed me how to make paragraphs on the keyboard here,don't go ahead,I'm laughing too.

We come into new seasons of how we are utilized by God for His purposes as we grow in His grace and knowledge.And I believe that we learn as we go one goes into any task in the very beginning knowing how to do it..on the job training is how He shows it to me.I am very hands on in my can tell me how to do something,but if you show me I'm not as likely to get confused...perhaps that is why God uses pictures...visions to show me what He wants to bring to my attention..and then when I move on what He shows me He opens all of life around me and reveals it to me like this,then He brings me to the place in the written word,that I've read but not always understood in my spirit and connects the dots for me. Jesus said I only do the things I see my Father do and say what I hear my Father say...these words formed my earliest steps in following Jesus,you could say all of life as I knew it changed when I was soveriegnly converted, as the power of God was brought to bear upon my spiritual senses.I was 19 and quite flexible,easy to lead..not fixed in doctrines/traditions of men....which being earthly and not heavenly in regards to wisdom,lack purity, are tainted by the flesh/human intellect/mind and in comparison to heavenly truth spiritually discerned are demonic.

I believe that when we wait upon the Lord for His perfect timing and His way of doing whatever He's asking /showing us to do...and if we while waiting and preparing for the time when He will say...Release this now...the word,the vision,whatever the case may be...we are given the opportunity to look deeply into what has been given to us to present..not always...but the bigger it is the greater the preparation.When giving a soul who is brought/drawn to you by divine appointment,if this is the only chance you will have to be of service,they will need the message then and there...and this is for the most part personal and custom fit for that individual...we are made ready for this type of is fun and see it,hear the words,take a moment to clear it with the Master and voila! deliver fuss no muss.The warnings have always been a little more challenging to me because they are more..oh I don't know...oooooweeeeoooo....try telling someone they only have a month to live sometime and see how that changes the atmosphere..yea....after losing even those warned ,you learn how to word these heavy duty statements of fact/truth with grace,knowing what is at stake.weighty...thats what it is...the glory of God weighty..shows up strong making the air heavy with His presence...His mercy.
No matter how much experience you may have gathered,while gathering,when you are brought to a place where God is Saying..Behold I am doing a new thing..a new as it springs forth. In this new thing I am being guided intoI do not see it as a personal thing unless you consider that God has taken these abuses/misrepresentations of His will and His truth/His Way very personally...because He is so very protective of His children...and the Spirit jealously guards the Truth..Being the Spirit of Truth! If God did not insist upon it in this time of massive deception...the earth and all who have life would cease to exist...except for the redeemed. So are we to be unconcerned when we see a believer running headlong into disaster...see them screaming through a megaphone in the dark...note that they are on a ship that is we walk away because it is unpleasant to 'fellowship with darkness'in dealing with pigheaded stubborness? I cannot pass by any one who lies robbed and clearly beaten with out lending a hand,leading them out of the darkness if I am given half a chance,throwing them a lifeline before they drown.

We know that the Spirit of Truth will guide us into All it pertains to Jesus..who is the Truth,of the Kingdom..and of the ways of man as well..or of things pertaining to the earthly realm/soulish realm. We are given generously of His wisdom when we Love the Truth,seek the Truth with all of our hearts and minds etc.,we ask and we are given,seek and search and we find,knock and keep on knocking as we wait for Him to open the door that no man can shut.While waiting this word held within purifies us first that we would be pure,not guilty of hypocrisy(there is no power in hypocrisy)no real power, no real authority...the Word of God never returns void...and if it is to accomplish what God intends in mass,it must be purified as silver ,pure words coming through the fire/furnace of the earth(what we suffer and go through on the earth) a purified heartis not one that never has sinned,but rather one who has believed upon the power of the Blood of the Lamb that was slain to redeem them of their sins,the contrite and broken heart over their own sins is given a heart broken open...larger now to include all others,expansive,incusive.

The words of the Lord are pure words
As silver tried in the furnace of the earth
Purified seven times

For the word of God to be purified within man it must be purified so it can go through man and not lose the it not powerful when it leaves the mouth of god...does it lose something on it's way before reaching the ear of man...No! of course why with all that power...that spoke creation into man so weak? Because his heart is not pure...not only will he not see God...He will not see how God is moving either. This is why we see so many who seem to be praying the Word and commanding demons to go etc. but there is no virtue flowing forth for the healing and apparently no authority to get the job done. much of the time it is simply because they have come into agreement with their minds but their hearts have not become broken to recieve the heart of God on the matter.

I believe that God has revealed His heart to me concerning His kingdom..which is at hand...which is within..which is to come and that the Spirit of Truth has been guiding me into all truth in regards to what He has shown me are His greatest concerns regarding the beloved. I am well aquainted with kingdom authority as it has been given to me in greater and greater degrees as I have become more and more in alignment with the truth of Kingdom Law..the spirit of the law...not the an F on the letter of the law. If I needed to give you my spiritual resume to prove my faith by my works or my works by my faith we'd miss the whole this is how long it would take to describe how god has chosen to work through me in response to the needs of the lost..I have meerly been willing and available..eager if you will..and not I leave the perfection to Jesus...who by the way says that I am perfect right were I am in my growth and developement...He made me perfect once and for all when He bore all of my imperfections...I know that you know this but He has encouraged me to proclaim it for myself.When I try to be perfect it messes with me so badly ..I get all tangled up,fall headlong into a ditch...that's part of the beauty of redemption's not about's about how magnificent He is!

People(majority) do not understand how kingdom government and authority works..they think they do but there is little or no evidence to support their claims... when we become aligned to falsehood in our authority structures we come under/place ourselves under these faulty structures..if you build a structure whose walls are not plumb ...even if you are off in the slightest degree at the base..when you get a few yrds up in your building it will begin to veer off noticably and the wall will not be able to withstand/or bear up under the stress/load of what rests upon it. Fortunately the government of heaven is intact as it rests upon the Truth of Christ's Love and mercy.It is being shaken and God can transform and recreate any part of it as He chooses...God does whatever He deems necessary and who is to tell Him what He may or may not do...I noticed that when alot of people are naysaying,as they rummage around in their box labeled...What God will Do According to My Personal Point of Reference...God is busy doing as if to say...Is that so?! did you check this out? He also reserves the right to change His mind,relents,thankfully(apparently this is not a perogative given only to women...grin)Of this we know...He is love and love never fails...perfect love casts out all fear. The highest law of the universe(all of creation)which is ever expanding is love and liberty,not attraction,contrary to the insidious teachings of 'The Secret"..Lord Jesus please remove the scales from Oprah's eyes!Love is very expansive,and within the depths and heights widths and breadths of this divine love there is suffering..we'd best learn how to embrace the suffering instead of running away from it ...resenting those who are only actors on our stage to help Christ be formed in us...are not all trials golden opportunities,as chariots to transport us to where we need to be spiritually? Patience is the key you'd choose from your heavenly key ring to unlock the mysteries of authority.Remeber the strategy of God in the humble submissive Lamb(who we imitate,whose example we follow) who stood silent before His executors.They lost by forfiet..I was told..the powers of darkness that were dominating the outcome of man's legacy.

And as we allow patience to have it's perfect work in us,while we are waiting on Him to open the door that we can walk through it..He expands His word within us and as we lay it down before Him desiring His perfect will ,His loving heart and mercy to be made manifest..rather than judgement and wrath... this is so not my territory..only His to decide..thank you Jesus!He purifies our motives and strengthens us,instucting us in His will ...this is the way ...walk ye therefore in step...and this is how you do it..see watch Me now...I have gone way before you in can put your little foot there. In that huge footprint,Lord?

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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 Re: He Reigns,will you please respond?

I am wondering why I have not heard back from you,He Reigns over your request to have me reread and compare my writings..I was not being facetious...honestly... was there something you wanted to point out? You have mentioned on other posts that part of how your disability works is that you forget things sometimes on an hourly basis..and this thing you directed me to do, perhaps, is of no great importance to you..and so it has slipped away...out of sight,out of mind....understandable,this is fine with me...but I feel rather left to dangle wondering where you went? could you respond,please? Thank you...Love believes the best and hopes the best.

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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Don't worry guys, if we stoned you we would have to stone those pesky weathermen too. Boy are they ever wrong! I mean, they called for snow one day, and it ended up being a day of fun in the sun. I wore shorts and worked on my tan. 8-) My little girl played in the sprinkler, and my wife got a sun burn. :-o

 2007/12/19 16:25

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