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Can I play?

I had a lot of fun reading everyone's answers! Isn't it wonderful that we can have fun? That everything doesn't have to be so [i]serious[/i] all the time?

If it were a [i]serious[/i] offer, I would have to say, "Thanks, but no thanks." Only 10 minutes would be torture! Besides, I could never choose just one event.

Now, for fun's sake! There were no rules, so I'm categorizing!

1. [u]Ultimately[/u], I would take the opportunity to go back and talk to myself when I was in Jr. High. I'd give myself the biggest hug and encourage myself in the Lord, impressing upon myself to live wholly and holy for God because nothing else matters!

2. [u]Choosing one event to witness[/u], it would have to be the resurrection of Jesus. The reason for the hope that we have! I couldn't witness the crucifixion. I don't think I'd ever stop weeping.

3. [u]To affect one event in history[/u]: I would go back to the Garden and have a chat with Adam and Eve.

4. [u]To have a conversation with a figure from history[/u]: I would choose to talk to Enoch! I can't wait to talk to Enoch!

5. [u]For one trip in the [i]Future[/i][/u]: I would like to go to a crowded place 9 minutes before Jesus' return and plead with people to give their lives to Jesus.


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SimpleLiving wrote:
4. [u]To have a conversation with a figure from history[/u]: I would choose to talk to Enoch! I can't wait to talk to Enoch!

If I could choose a Bible figure to have a chat with, it would be King Nebuchadnezzar just after the Lord restored him to his right mind after being mad for 7 years!

To talk with a man of such character and human greatness(he was a scholar, interesting in learning, architecture etc, as well as a brilliant general) , who was so totally humbled and broken by God - and [i]glad of it![/i] would be awesome!


[EDIT] I would love to have seen the Hanging Gardens too!

 2008/1/23 20:12

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:-D That's quite interesting thread.
If we could go back time if possible would be nice. I ask my self what life history i'd like to go back, and i thought would be the time Jesus found me and brought me back to His flock.
Thats' the time i met my Shepard. :-), bit corny but i love it, ... it's just because ...

God bless - Claudette


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Interesting thread to resurrect...

In addition to visiting the Garden of Eden, I would love to see Noah's Ark with all the animals. I would love to walk around in it, pet the furry animals; see how they feed them and dispose of their wastes. And where did Noah's family live? What did their living quarters look like? What did the women do? How did they store up food for their time on the ark...wonder how they washed their clothes? took baths or maybe they literally took "showers" outside?

And another thing I am curious about is how on earth did Joseph keep the grain from becoming buggy when he stored it for that seven year famine? In the south we have the problem of weevils and they are a nuisance unless you spray. The amount Joseph had to deal with was astronomical. And then what about rats, mice? or maybe he had cats in abundance to keep a check on that..

Ah, yes, I have so many questions I sometimes think I cannot wait until I get to heaven so I can ask these people. Then on second thought I have decided that once I get there it likely will not even interest me anymore....anyways, it is fun to imagine how it might have been.


Sandra Miller

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