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Lets try selfishness. Putting anything before God is wrong, no?

Baby cries because it wants to be fed, changed, and given attention straight from the womb. These self serving actions are sin.

If it is not of God, it comes from "self". Self is sin. Selfishness is sin.

We all sin straight from the womb. Non-Christians call a baby's instincts as self-preservation.

As an adult, if I put myself first in the same vein that babies do, you would agree with me that I am sinning.


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Well, Jesus said that we should be content with food and raiment. If we do not have these things, and we are discontent, I believe Jesus grants us the grace to attempt to pursue these things. However, I am also aware of the Scripture that tells us not to look for food and raiment, but to seek first the Kingdom of God. Are we to hold a child accountable to seek after God even when they are unable to know their own name?

Danny Howe

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Seekinggod, you said "Baby cries because it wants to be fed, changed, and given attention straight from the womb. These self serving actions are sin."

I think that is a very hasty thing to say. A baby can be crying to let the parents know something is wrong with them. They need to eat is not being selfish. Wanting to have the diaper changed because it is burning their bottom is not selfishness. Wanting mom or dad to hold or comfort them is not selfishness. If these things are selfishness to a helpless baby then our cries of need, help, despair, ect. to our sweet, loving, patient and compassionate Lord Jesus Christ are selfishness.

I would encourage you to really consider what it means to be selfish.

Sincerely in Christ,



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 Re: Amen 5nva

Good word! I'm a 5 point Calvanist and to read such foolishness that a baby can "show sin", well, foolish!

Calvin HIMSELF taught that to say a baby is "unsaved" is BLASPHEMY.

Most don't know that, yet that IS what we believe.

Babies show sin?

Scripture please?

Thought so.


(Careful whatcha say 'bout these little ones; remember what Jesus said about coming against chaildren)


 2004/6/19 19:19

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