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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What was Satan after in the life of Jesus?

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 What was Satan after in the life of Jesus?


sometimes I have been thinking about this.
What was Satan after in Jesus?
Of course, he tried to tempt him to sin, to tempt him to worship him etc.
But what was his plan? Was it Satan wo brought forth the fury and hatred that nailed Jesus to the cross? If yes, then why?

Did he not know that Jesus would be raised from the dead? Didn't he see the promise of the savior in the Old Testament?

I would appreciate any thought!


Daniel Sahm

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 Re: What was Satan after in the life of Jesus?

worship, either worship through self, worship through the world or worship directly


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 Re: What was Satan after in the life of Jesus?

This question is wide open.

We could also ask, what is satan after in our lives? Even though we are no parallel for the Lord Jesus Christ, he is still after us.

Where should we start?

In Matt 4 the enemy questions Jesus 2 times, twice he asks if He is the Son of God, and then he says he will give Jesus that which is already His.

If we look at Isaiah 14v12-14, we see satan's desire to be like the Most High - God.

For me, satan saw that Jesus was indeed God, and wanted to be God, has always wanted to be.

1 Cor 2v8 says, 'Which none of the rulers of this age knew, for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.'

Whether this refers to political or spiritual rulers, or demonic rulers, as I've read, I don't know, but scripture says they would not have crucified the Lord had they know.

That it from me, others are better equipped to deal with your questions.

God bless

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Satan was after the Kingdom.

Satan wants to change scripture. If Satan can get Jesus to sin, which in itself shows you the mind of Satan, then God is not who He says He is.

It is like the persecution of Israel. If Satan can wipe Israel off the face of the earth (impossible of course), then God is not who He says He is. Israel is God's chosen. If scripture can e changed, then Satan will be victorious.

Good thinkg the battle is already won.


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