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 I remember

I remember when I was first saved. I remember the love that I felt from the Lord. I remember that loving God was the only thing that mattered. I remember when being ignorant in doctrine and theology meant loving God for who He is, not for who man made Him to be. I remember when reading the Word was the only thing that I knew. I remember when interpreting the Word meant believing what the Word said, not what man said it meant.

I remember the touch of the Lord, I remember His smooth touch running across my heart. I remember experiencing the physical presence of of His embrace. I remember feeling the Lord break off the old man and create a new man. I wrestled with the Lord, an He won.

What love I had for Him...

What passion my heart desired for Him...

What glory He received from me...

Then I met man.

Man taught me that it was ok to love God, as long as it was how "we" tell you to love Him. Man taught me that to believe in God meant to believe what this preacher taught, and not what that preacher taught. Man taught me to think that I did not know the love of the Lord, that I didn't experience His touch, that God is emotionless, that God does not talk to His people, but only talks to His people through our "appointed" elect...elected by us... man. Man taught me that man is out for himself and his ideas.

Man taught me this.

The Lord wants the basics. The Lord wants my obediance to Him. The Lord wants me to read His word as it was meant to be read...from the Book. It is time to throw away man made religion and seek His face, as a son seeks his father.

I love experiencing the Lord and His presence. May we seek His face, and never stop until we find Him.



 2007/11/20 0:45Profile

 Re: I remember

Thank you Jesus , all glory to God.

 2007/11/20 5:43

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Southern USA

 Re: I remember

Reply to Christiaan
There was no man to help me into the pool.
Well said Sister
Then a quiet voice said.
Will thou be made whole?
Do you want a new life?
Do you want to be washed and made as white as snow?
Then we believed in Christ Jesus and we still have a peace in our heart and a river that never runs dry..


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