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 Re: On the other hand

Hey Jim,

Could you guys be [i]outside[/i] the bookstore, offering [i]everyone[/i] who leaves, a free bookmark?

 2007/11/18 7:05

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North Korean Pastor Kim Sung-Wei (named changed for security reasons) told TBNN, "North Korean Christians face great difficulty each day. If the authorities find out that we serve Jesus, they will take away our homes and jobs. If they find us meeting together for worship, they will throw us in jail. As a pastor, I have been beaten three times already this year. This man, Osteen, writes about things that we do not understand."


 2007/11/18 8:06Profile

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Jesus also broke many "rules" , not saying what is right or wrong, but very soon if we stick by the rules we cant preach the gospel as it should be preached. those times are coming to our comfortable Christianity soon. Seek the Lord and he will show you the best way of showing people the truth


 2007/11/18 8:10Profile


Voice of the Maryters sends baloons carrying bible literature into north Korea every year... this is against the governments rules. Again, I do thank everyones input and will be sending out the file to those who requested it at lunch on monday. Again, let us never condemn our conscience.

Dorcas, we will also be standing outside of local area mega and prosperity "churches" to hand out similar tracts. I have thought about doing this instead at the "christian" book store also. I'll just wait on the Lord and see where He would have us go and do.

in Christ - Jim

 2007/11/18 13:07


I have a great idea. How about a mannequin covered with a sheet at the foot of a cross and you could have a sign that says "how to become a better you," then pass tracks out by that.That would be a great way to draw people.

 2007/11/18 16:09

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Dallas, Texas


I remember a group of men who cut a hole in another mans roof to lower their friend to Jesus... Jesus did not rebuke them for the property rights of the home owner.

This is an interesting observation. I heard a Zac Poonen message stating that this house actually belonged to Jesus. For this reason the men could break through the roof without fear of reprisal. Any one else would sue them for property damage. But they knew that with Jesus they had nothing to fear, as he was a man who regarded the things of God over the things of this world. It makes sense, because in Mark 2 and Luke 4 there is no specific reference that some one other than Jesus owned the house, and we know that Jesus, after being rejected at Nazareth, chose Capernaum as the headquarters for His Galilean ministry. (see Matt 4:13 and Mark 2:1). It was called "His own city" in Matthew 9:1. It was here where Jesus was "dwelling" when He called Simon and Andrew and James and John on the shores of Galilee and they "straightway left all and followed Him into Capernaum" (see Mark 1:16-21).

Just some interesting thoughts.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2007/11/18 18:27Profile

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