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Reply to ginnyrose, sorry I took so long I have been working hard.

I have shared some of your disappointments and know where you are coming from. But I have had so many blessings that I can’t began to describe all of them. When I first walked into the center a wonderful lady said in a motherly tone you sit here with us. I’ve been sitting in fellowship and love with them ever since. They are two Christian widows and their friend and now my friend and sister in Christ. They are 88, 89, 91 years young. One sister and I refer to each other as son and mom and her sister I call each other aunt and nephew and they introduce me to members of their family as my son and my nephew. .
The Lord our God hedges up around His sons and daughters and leads us to where His plan determines they are blessed and can be a blessing and protected when we make ourselves available.

We are led to the poor through the love that we need to share with others. Volunteering at a senior center was my introduction to people that truly need help. We have a couple that are about to embark on a trip to New Zealand for two weeks but there are Christian widows in their eighties and nineties that can only afford to buy the small size items at the grocery market because inflation in healthcare, groceries and rent has devoured their saving and from outward appearances you can hardly tell the difference. We have a couple that both are on walkers that needs help with their car when it has a flat or want crank. Someone to drive a person to the doctor, drugstore, or grocery shopping can be crucial in them remaining independent, at home and not going to a nursing home.

P.S The couple that are going on the trip, He delivers meals to the home bound in his personal car using his on gasoline so I pray they have a glorious trip.



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