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 Heart-Faith And Not Mind-Faith - Zac Poonen (MUST WATCH)

I wanted to recomend this sermon from CFC india by Zac Poonen

[url=]Heart faith and not mind faith[/url]

This is really a challenging sermon! Only for those who want to go all the way with God. Bro Zac shares what real faith is and what faith is not. The difference between knowing some doctrine in our head but in reality still living a defeated life in sin, and having the true faith in our heart . Listen with an open heart

and please share what you thought of this sermon, this is worthy of discussion and meditation for a long time.



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 Re: Heart-Faith And Not Mind-Faith - Zac Poonen (MUST WATCH)

I am undecided on what I feel, I do enjoy the context of the message. But I think it is unclear on truly the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. I think we all can say we have had this thought in our own life. I can analyze this in my own mind, I can think of thousands reasons why I might not be saved and then I can think of thousand things to say I am saved. I don't know how many times that I asked myself if I have head knowledge and not heart knowledge. Our heart is deceitfully wicked who can discern it?

I don't think that we can get what we want with our faith. As long as it is according to His will then that is different. And if I have some area in my life that I struggle with, God won't hear my prayer.

When I read Romans 1:16 its the power of God through the gospel that is able to save men. That it is capable of saving other, basically nothing by human ability will save something, we can have alter calls and programs. But many don't realize that the gospel is sufficient for salvation. If we have not experienced the power of God in some area in my life, I didn't believe, according to that verse. Paul is saying I am not ashamed of the Gospel, it is able, I am confident in its ability to save, I am not afraid to preach nothing else but God crucified.

I agree with the theme of the sermon, it is a message to be preached in many churches. I do disagree with the verse for the text though. Don't take this wrong, I do think if we do not have a consistent decline of problematic sin in my life, then i would take heed to my conversion. I have area in my life I struggle with, i probably will for a long time. I hate it and desire to be delivered completely, I have faith to seek God. I notice a lot of people that were converted in scripture had faith, they went to Christ. That is faith, a person can say they have faith and never approach the throne of GOd, but If I truly have faith, I will seek the Lord. I will be like Zaccheus climbed the tree to see Jesus, he had faith. Are we climbing trees in our prayer, am I fighting the crowds to get to that tree. All I know to do is simple, go to Christ for mercy, I know I have many issues that I need healed from. I think of Christ washing the disciples feet, he knew that only a portion of them needed to washed, they rest was clean...God knows that we are not completely clean. He wants to wash our feet with his mercy and forgiveness.

Sorry for the preaching attitude. I still liked the sermon for many other points.

In Him

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I thought the sermon was fantastic. Here are a couple parts to whet your appetite to listen.

Faith is in the heart, not the mind. This is the reason why some people receive what they pray for and why some don't. There's a world of difference between believing in your head and believing in your heart. We think we have faith but for most people, its only in the mind. Even in the Old Testament it says to trust in the Lord with all of your heart, not your mind. Brother Zac says that our minds are the enemy of our faith.

The emphasis of our faith is not on the death of Jesus, but in the resurrection. Most of the times, when people witness, they mention that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Rarely do you hear people witnessing about His resurrection, which is the reason for our hope. When you mention the death, only the death is included. But, when you mention the resurrection from the dead, His death is included. It's important because it's in His resurrection that God provided for us!

Thank you for sharing this sermon, Christian! It was so encouraging to me!


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