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 4 Steps to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Evan Roberts

This was written to a friend shortly before the great breaking out of the Spirit of God in wales in 1904. Roberts spoke as lead by the Holy Spirit and specifically was given directions on how to lead the people to get in a place where God could move.


Urge them to prepare for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

now this is the plan I have taken under the guidance of the Holy Spirit:

There are four things to be right, you can get to heaven without being filled with the Holy Ghost, but without being filled you will lose much on the way.

1) You must obtain full and complete pardon for the sins of the past. If the past is not aright it must be made so. Every sin you know of confess it honestly before God.

2) Is there anything doubtful in your life? If so it must be removed and done away with. Is their a habit of doubtful character in your life? away with it! If there is there cannot be any joy in your heart until you remove the questionable habits and pleasures. Self-denial is one of the very first essentials of the religion of Christ.

3) Complete and immediate obedience to the Holy Spirit. Say not something prompts me to pray, it is not something it is the Holy Ghost. Whatsoever He says to you, do it! The world may laugh, he did not you will not be here long. Bow to Him now. Do not say hush when one breaks into prayer. Resist not the Spirit.

4) A public and personal confession of Christ. How long will it take you to make a confession of Christ? Stand up now do not look at one another, out with the confession.

These are the four things leading to the grand blessing.

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