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"make my LIFE a Prayer"

How can that be done?

Good question. I guess it depends on what you mean by prayer. I think we need to get away from too narrow a view of what prayer is (I long to learn this myself).

As I see it, prayer is a form, or part, of worship. And I believe our whole lives should be an act of worship. That is why it makes sense to me that it is actually possible to pray without ceasing and to live a life that is, in effect, a prayer to God.

Am I on the right track here? Any other thoughts considering the connection (and/or difference) between prayer and worship, for example?

Rikard Eriksson

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Doug, Chanin (is it pronounced SHanin sorry I am helplessly fonetical),


Yes that has helped...some :-?.

Prayer is something that HAS often been a point of shame for me. Just this past year (I had before hoped I was beond this) I verry much questioned my salvation because of my difficulties herein. I was so extreemly convicted by Jonathan Edwards "Hypocrates Defficient in the Duty ofSecret Prayer" That I became convinced I was an hypocrate. And even now...when I read of your consistancy Chanin, I am ashamed.

That is soemthing I long for, but seem too easially distracted. The seed that fell on thorny soil grew for a while and then the cares of the world choked it out. I have been growing in Holiness for about the past four years. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN FOCUS?



matthew bauer

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 Re: prayer


I always considered myself a terrible pray-er.I am not one to pray for hours or be an intercessor like some. I thought something was wrong with me. Yet, as I lived my life being obedient, the Lord blessed my "heart thoughts"- you might say.

Now, I know I needed to learn more about prayer and did need to learn to "sit at his feet" and listen. But I realized that most of my prayers were summed up in 'Thy will be done'.

As I have grown in closeness to the Lord- it has just come naturally. The more He has become increased in me- the less of me there is and it is just like He is always there.

I am still not one to come to Him with all of these requests and pray about them for hours. I don't know if He would answer them anyway- if my heart wasn't right.

So I focus on living for His glory. I focus on becoming less of me and more of Him- and it all falls into place. No struggling and trying.

It is very similar to The Practice of The Presence of God. Have you read this? The more He is increased in you and you are gone- the more his presence is there. If His presence is there then He is readily available to constantly communicate with. Even just little thoughts.

Hope this helps some. I found that a tape series called "Prayer: the Eternal Purpose" by Chip Brogden really helped me see the bigger picture beyond just requests, etc...

In Him, chanin (yes, it's pronounced SHanin :-) )


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