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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

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 Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

Intercessors; men and women already and continuously revived.

 2007/10/26 5:52

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

React violently in regards to all and every expression of hopelessness and meaninglessness.
Act forcefully in prayer on the foundation of the Eternal covenant sealed by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

 2007/10/26 6:21

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

The true and proper order:

 2007/10/26 8:35

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

Prayer – a battle for full-grown men.
Prayer for revival – a battle for those who reconsider their maturity in the light of fullness.

 2007/10/26 9:02

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

Thank God for the bumpy sections of the road.
Thank God for the difficult saints – they are all sent to help you mature in Christ.
Thank God for the dark days - they are there to lead you to efficient prayer for Revival

 2007/10/26 9:59

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

A pertinent question, an item for reflection to be handed to the praying man:

How to work in prayer when a message on Revival is:
Meticulously researched
Flawlessly delivered
Perfectly dead

 2007/10/26 11:01

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

Disappointed with men, disqualifying their ability and willingness
expecting God to do what only he can do and has bound himself by abounding promises to do.

 2007/10/26 12:19

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

Revival – Transparent honesty

 2007/10/26 13:25

 Re: Canton: Still in the Prayer Chamber

A conforming of a heart to the will of God and obedience in practical conduct.

 2007/10/26 15:05

Joined: 2007/1/31
Posts: 985


we may pray we may sing.
but there can be no heart change
I have many to share, that came from my prayer times
things that could make you cry as well other things that make you praise God

I have been sitting and thinking over all these things. I have to share,

there are many who lie to themselves
say one thing, and lives aother life

Lets be real.. do we live out what we say
to really to moved by God and be humble
we have to be honest at who we really are.


 2007/10/26 18:27Profile

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