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 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

We pray hard for those who are endorsing that which is meaningless and at the same time repressing the values of Christ, repressing life.

 2007/10/23 17:36

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Our prayer session has lasted for some nine hour by now.
We intend to continue through the gathering at 6.30, local time.
Come and join us in prayer.
And, if you receive a well-defined prayer item regarding the conference and/or revival in general – please, feel free to post.

 2007/10/23 17:43

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The warfare to be done to prepare for revival:
Begin to think. . .
Begin to listen to your conscience. . .
Allow the Holy Spirit to convince and convict. . .
This is prayer warfare with an open mind and a broken heart.

 2007/10/23 17:49

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Without the Cross – no formation of spiritual character.
Without a well-defined Cross – no ministry which pleases heaven.
Without the Cross of Christ at work – no authenticity, no identity.
Without the Cross – the Christian testimony compromised.
Pray the Cross back to the center of the Church.

 2007/10/23 18:10

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Jesus Christ, the representation of the absolute lordship of God.
The Church is purposed to be a solidified statement of this fact.
To live is, for the Church, Christ.
We are the message regarding the absolute lordship of God.
Christ in us – the hope of Glory.
Revival is an absolute necessity as this purpose is missing.

 2007/10/23 18:28

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Pray for a doing away what we may call the modern type of conviction, based in psychology, that God loves, loves no matter what – which is a through reduction of the work of the cross.
Pray for a re-establishing of biblical conviction – intense, inescapable conviction of sin unto repentance and life in Christ.

 2007/10/23 19:05

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The Cross a most dangerous contraption – it works for an authentic expression of the Glory of God.
May we all encounter it over and over again.

 2007/10/23 19:25

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The Beginning of Revival:
Tell the people; all flesh is like grass. . .
To be reduced by the withering work of the Holy Spirit.
Natural work, our good ministry reduced to nought.

 2007/10/23 19:43

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

We owe our children a heaven-sent revival.
Denny Kenaston

 2007/10/23 20:56

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Let's get on praying ground and stay there till God comes.

Let's get jealous over our hearts.

Repentence is the unchanging way to revival.

-Denny Kenaston

Ron Halverson

 2007/10/23 23:25Profile

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