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 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Revival – ability to identify what is necessary to produce change.
Revival – ability to pursue that which is necessary to produce change.
Revival – willingness to yield to God’s alternative.
We pray for willingness, ability and yieldedness.

 2007/10/23 12:20

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years.
Our great need – a firm renewal of the work of our Lord, not our activity.
Our great need – to see him set forth, make known and establish his purposes.
Our great need – to withdraw our requests for him to bless our agendas.

 2007/10/23 12:58

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Allow Your work to come alive again.
From man’s standpoint, there is no realistic move at this point.
That which should hold certain heavenly measure is compromised.
That which should carry a testimony regarding the glory of God has been taken capture by hostile forces.
Allow Your work of salvation and deliverance to come alive again.

 2007/10/23 13:28

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hi Walkington,

I'm a little confused. What is this thread about? Please pardon my ignorance...

Josh Parsley

 2007/10/23 13:43Profile


Many of us engage in praying for the Revival Conference in Canton which begins today. An event hosted by the website which we frequently visit – Sermonindex.
What you see here in this thread are short items of thought and prayer which have sprung out of our fellowship in prayer these past hours.
These notes may also be used as condensed definitions regarding prayer for revival in all settings in which a genuine longing for revival exist.

 2007/10/23 13:53

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

A crucial matter of Revival:
What do people meet in us when they encounter us?
A fresh testimony regarding Christ in us or just another religious man?

 2007/10/23 14:58

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Save us from charismatic inefficiency in our prayer chambers.
Save us from praying which does not care to carry the burden of Yours, dear God.
Save us from modern means of bringing isolation and weakness into our prayer sessions.
Save the Canton event, especially the prayer sessions from despondency and fretfulness.
Save us from exaggerations, negative or positive.

 2007/10/23 15:43

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

We are asking for:
Pulpit and pew to be overtaken by the purposes of God.
Pulpit to be humbled, a necessary taking the spotlight off of man.
Pew to be strengthened to act according to conscience and the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

 2007/10/23 15:58

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

We pray for:
The recovery of the Majesty.
The Knowlwdge of the Holy
this to cause inner stature to make us salt and light.

 2007/10/23 16:32

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

We invite the many dear praying friends to pray for:
A recovery of a sanctified initiative to the prayer chambers.
A reinstating of the mandate to the House of Prayer.
May the people of God be drawn to the ministry of intercession.
May priestliness be restored among the Holy Nation of God

 2007/10/23 17:02

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