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 CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Love for the Truth is the characteristic of the Church.
For a bringing to a thorough insight regarding this simple fact we pray.

 2007/10/23 10:11

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Order, obedience to heavenly order will be brought in if the altar is set in order.
The cross, the message of the cross, conduct brought forth by the work of the cross is the center of a revival.
We pray for this reality to make an impact.

 2007/10/23 10:21

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The prayer chamber is a place of seeing.
But, it must be allowed to remain hidden.
It brings light, but it dodges the spotlight.
Revivals are born in such a place.
May all praying men and women cherish this covering.

 2007/10/23 10:39

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The perennial burden in the Prayer Chamber:
An ear shut to the voice of God
A non-operative conscience
A heart of stone
An un-repentant people
A straying nation

 2007/10/23 10:47

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Brokenness – a blessing,
brokenness cannot produce.
It allows for God to work.
Within this experience, only within this experience lies the beginning of a revival.
And for this we pray.

 2007/10/23 10:56

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Save us from the kind blessings that come without repentance.
Save us from a work of restoration which lacks holiness.
Save us from the kind of glory which holds no heavenly substance.

 2007/10/23 11:05

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

Pray for Preaching that makes Christians pray and sinner weep.

 2007/10/23 11:12

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The willingness to solve conflicts and come to light and fellowship equals the willingness for revival.
Into this realm we pray with humble hearts.

 2007/10/23 11:21

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

A great obstacle to be overturned:
Self-important ministry which dares to set fort its own agenda as of greater value than the things of the Lord.
Mountains of this category may be removed.

 2007/10/23 11:39

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber

The Revival realm:
Everything given by revelation
Everything measured by fellowship
We pray for walls to come down and for eyes to be opened

 2007/10/23 11:58

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