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 WHy mad

I was just wondering why we wnat to stand up for lies. If a person is lier and not teaching the truth, it would be only right to stand for Christ. I don;t get this brothers and sister. We
are to not pleaseing man but God if we live for man brothers and sister we are not servant.I not get this. Should we be mad at brother that stand for the world. I think if we are really saying these lies are ok. Then I really be worry about this. These people are not Preaching Christ. I say thank you for the names That I will know who those who are teaching lies. Who will stand for Christ? Really are getting mad at those who are bring froth truth? I don't understand.

In his love


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 Re: WHy mad

Heres the thing, I don't think anyone on here would say they want to stand up for lies. We must be patient with people. I know I'm likely deceived in many areas of theology as is every other person on these forums. The thing is, we must love one another. We must be patient and we must pray for one another that God would guide us into all truth and help us to believe the truth. I thank God and praise God that salvation isn't dependant on man's ability to understand but on Christ's death on that cross.

 2007/10/20 22:03

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