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 about 'church'

This quote from a brother here,(emphasis mine), caught my attention.

Am I alone in believing this statement is worthy of some sort of teasing out - not because it's so wrong, but - because it is so right?

Part of what interests me about it, is that some of us have never met. Perhaps most of us have never met, though that is about to change next week. So, how do we regard our time at the keyboard, within the overall perspective of our lives? Do we get out enough? Do we 'contrast' when we are out, or do we just [i]think[/i] we do?

How can we know we are contrasting [i]enough?[/i] Is it by the opposition we stir up, the friends we lose, or the sense of fulfilling God's will for our own lives whatever it costs?

Or is it that we have commitment to one another which receives as well as gives across the miles, first having received from God, and [i]already[/i] having given [u]to the world[/u]?

Or do you think apostles were sent only to churches?

What think ye all?

[color=006699][i]I think it's important to note that reliance on church is not a sin; [b]in fact it's apostolic new testament Christianity[/b]. There is much emphasis on individual reliance on Jesus today...perhaps in reaction to "churchianity"...but such individual reliance on Jesus I believe is contrary to the history of the Early Church.

One of the secrets to their success, I firmly believe, is not only in their remarkable individual unction, but in the power of their society....something which is lost because of our modern dislocation. Contrary to revivalist romanticism, it wasn't just the dynamic apostolic individual that challenged and altered pagan society. To be a Christian in ancient society meant you were part of a contrast society.

For me, I believe only in the context of this contrast society will we take hold of all of the things we hope for in Christ. Godly parenting, worship, evangelism, non-violence, charity, holiness...all these only really thrive in the context of a seperate committed society. This "crutch" is instituted by God and is not an idol to Jesus. I do not believe an individual, no matter how passionate he is about his salvation, can sustain his creeds without this holy family.[/i][/color]

 2007/10/18 10:48

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