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 Who has read Philip Schaff's history?

I am considering Schaff's history of the Christian Church. If I buy it, I intend to read the whole thing, so it's no small commitment. I am somewhat acquainted with the bare basics of Church history, and am wondering if others have found his work to be both beneficial and doctrinally sound.

PS: Especially interested to know the views of some of the reformed-minded posters.


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Joined: 2007/1/30
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 Re: Who has read Philip Schaff's history?

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No one?

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 Re: P. Schaff’s history.

I have his history along with others such as Edesheim’s, Nathan Bang, William Hetherington, and etc. You spoke of an “investment”. I don’t know how much you are contemplating spending, but you can purchase all these histories and much more very economically from “Ages Software”.
I have read “some” of Schaff’s history just for research, not all the way through as I did Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and other histories. This site will give you all you need for church history. I recommend the Master Library. If I may be of assistance you can PM me or email


Clint Thornton

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