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 Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Every once in a while Hollywood hiccups and puts out something that might be worth seeing. This certainly is no Chariots of Fire but [url=]Expelled[/url] could be a cause for conversation on creation issues. Check out the trailer in the link provided above.

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 Re: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Hi hulsey...

Thank you for the link.

Speaking of [i]Chariots of Fire[/i], there is actually [url=]a sequel[/url] in the works. Entitled [i]With Wings As Eagles[/i], the movie will cover the life of Eric Liddell following his medals at the 1924 Paris Olympics (depicted in [i]Chariots of Fire[/i]). [i]Amazing Grace[/i] actor Ioan Gruffold is currently being sought to play the role of Eric Liddell.

As you probably know, Liddell went on to serve as a missionary to China. He died at the age of 43 in an interment camp during the Japanese occupation of China during World War II. The Jewish runner, Harold Abrahams, later converted to Christianity.



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