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 Prayer for Yanet...


My wife's oldest sibling, Yanet, is a public school teacher. She and her husband are wonderfully sincere believers, and they have grown tremendously in the Lord over the past couple of years. This young couple is very active in their small, local Spanish-speaking fellowship. Both Yanet and her husband are constant witnesses to those around them.

Shortly after I began courting my wife, I learned that Yanet has always experienced difficulty with having children. Not only does she have a difficult time conceiving a child, but she also has been unable to carry a child to full term. Every miscarriage is heartbreaking. After numerous miscarriages, she is afraid that she might never be able to carry a child.

She is a very private person, but I know that this has been hurting her deeply. My wife is from a large family. So far, everyone that has married (with the exception of my wife and Yanet) has had at least one child. One Saturday out of every month, my wife's family gathers together for a time of fellowship, breaking bread, Bible study and prayer. Several months ago, we were discussing the Christian film [i]Facing the Giants[/i]. One of the themes in the film involves a young woman who is unable to bare children. My father-in-law was moved by this discussion and wanted everyone to pray for Yanet. However, she became visibly upset. She was not [i]angry[/i], but perhaps intimidated by the family's interference. I suppose that it might have been a source of embarrassment for her.

Recently, my wife and I traveled with Yanet and her husband to a conference at Texas State University. During the trip, Yanet told us about her strong desire to have children. She has visited several "less expensive" doctors in Mexico (which might not be such a good idea). She is planning on visiting a doctor in the United States.

Please pray for Yanet. She is still young (about 30 years old) and well within the age for natural conception. However, she has grown discouraged after a decade of marriage. I reminded Yanet of her parents' history. My mother-in-law had the same problem after ten years of marriage -- until Yanet was born. My mother-in-law went on to have MANY children (my wife has 9 siblings).

I'm not sure what the problem is. I really don't trust many of the doctors in Mexico. Even though they are much less expensive, the medical professionals in Mexico have little reliable government oversight. Consequently, I know many firsthand accounts of misdiagnoses. The doctors there claimed that Yanet has "bad blood" -- which doesn't make any sense to me at all. I've told her about my apprehension about the lack of oversight with the medical profession in Mexico. I've told her to visit at least two doctors in the United States.

Please join me in prayer for Yanet. I know that this is silently tearing her up inside. She is a wonderful woman of God, and it hurts to know that she endures such inner turmoil. I know that God can do something great in this. Pray that she can not only conceive a child, but carry this child to full term.

Thank you!



 2007/10/15 12:18Profile

 Re: Prayer for Yanet...

[b]I know that God can do something great in this[/b]. Pray that she can not only conceive a child, but carry this child to full term.

Indeed God can do something great in this, and a living relationship between Yanet and God is essential, so she is obedient to the word He gives her the next time she falls pregnant, and allows herself to be led only by Him. She needs no pressure, though, after this history, to have what someone else might think of as a normal pregnancy. She might have to stop everything else she does, to give her next pregnancy the best opportunity to persist. Do you think she and her husband are willing for that?

 2007/10/16 7:19

 Re: Prayer for Yanet...

Hello Chris,

How is your sister-in-law doing? I've been praying for her as the Lord brings her to mind and have been meaning to look up this thread and find out how she is doing.


 2008/1/14 14:26

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