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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Why do Christians get so down at times?

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Joined: 2006/9/23
Posts: 212

 Why do Christians get so down at times?

Why do we as believers get down?

George Platt

 2007/10/12 8:17Profile

 Re: Why do Christians get so down at times?

Why do we as believers get down?

Because the music is smokin' hot...?


PS: Sorry, couldnt resist.

 2007/10/12 8:57

 Re: Why do Christians get so down at times?

It depends how objective you're being with your question. If you're talking about [u]mood[/u], that may have a biochemical basis as much as one related to actual occurrences, but if you're talking about being disconsolate over one's personal performance as a Christian, I'd say that's a form of pandering to the carnal mind, since everything that is wrong as been put right by Jesus on the cross, and we are to believe that in Him, we can do all things. Heb 10 says it all, about how He did everything we need.

It is a discipline to stop looking at oneself and how one is feeling, and look to the Lord for encouragement... the carnal soul loves to wallow.

Don Francisco has a great song called 'There is No Condemnation', in which he describes this struggle which we have with ourselves. All his songs are free to download from his site. I recommend you go and listen to a few. He's very human and knows the forgiveness of the Father.

 2007/10/12 9:03

Joined: 2005/2/24
Posts: 2732


I bet there are going to be several good answers to this question...because there are several factors.

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a friend who offered the obligatory greeting, "How are you?" I answered casually, "I'm pretty good." He replied, "Just pretty good? I think a child of God should be always feeing great!"

I thought, "Well, if I popped you one in the nose, that would feel pretty great." ;-)

The bottom line is that we are emotional creatures. That is a nature of our soul...and I believe the Lord created us to have this spectrum for a reason.

Sadness isn't a defect.

Regarding depression, there are obviously some more serious causes...some perhaps even spiritual origins. But before we look for those, I think we should make sure there aren't simpler reasons.

To add to Dorcas' point, I find too many of us don't get enough sleep, exercise, or proper food. Over time this lack of discipline has a downing effect on your mental attitude. You can feel overwhelmed by the most mundane things when you aren't physically and mentally recooperating on a regular basis.

One more small thing I always need to remember...


Why do we as believers get down?

Because the music is smokin' hot...?

:-P Let's not take ourselves too seriously all the time. :-)



Mike Compton

 2007/10/12 10:07Profile

 Re: It Ain't No Sin To Get The Blues

First off, Dorcas... thank you so much for the head's up about Don Francisco's free mp3's. I've been listening to him since the 80's.

Here is a song from his Beautiful to Me CD that I found on his website:

It Ain't No Sin To Get The Blues
by Don Francisco

Some people when they meet you
Wear a manufactured smile
You can't tell if they're really happy
Or just tryin to be in style
It's like somebody told 'em
Only sinners ever frown
But when you're really hurtin'
It ain't no crime for feelin' down

No obedience that means sufferin'
And to some that may be news
Jesus paid our lifetime membership
But you still gotta pay some dues
So when Job's comforters surround you
And your prayers all seem refused
Don't you lie about your troubles
It ain't no sin to get the blues


Now some folks dig self-pity
But others make it clear
That if it were pos'ble
They'd rewrite the Epistles and the Gospels
So that nobody, nobody, ever
Had to shed a tear

Everybody's got to suffer sometime
We all got to work out our salvation on our own
Jesus never told you pain would never get a hold of you
He said "I'll never leave you all alone"
So when you feel those tears start rollin'
Don't you get yourself confused
He'll dry your tears if you just cry 'em
It ain't no sin to get the blues

Now you can say you're doin' fine
Say there's nothin' on your mind
Denounce it and deny it
Stick you head down in the sand
Try and make out like your Superman
But ain't nobody, nobody
Really gonna buy it


Here4Him wrote:
Why do we as believers get down?

One of the major reasons I think some of us get down is that one third of the angels were kicked out of heaven and they are after us and our Joy.

Just think about the times when you had true joy and hope comes right along beside it, we were unstoppable at that moment!!! Satan does NOT want us feeling that. He wants us depressed and hopeless and wondering why God even loves us. When we are in that state we are useless to God and the enemy is happy. Yet when we are happy, the enemy is sad. Let's keep the enemy is a fit of depression!!! LOOLOLOLOLOL

 2007/10/12 20:47

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3776

 Re: those joy-robbers

Why do we as believers get down?

From watching the news.

Seriously, our reporters view the world much like the 10 spies who gave Israel a bad report about the Promised Land. They saw it through the eyes of unbelief, not faith. We mustn't underestimate the power of the media to manipulate our minds and erode our faith.

After seeing images of crashes, murder scenes, conflicts, scandal, conspiracies, dead fish and adulterous tela-evangelists can we really expect to maintain a heart of joy?

"Whatever is true... noble... right.... pure... .lovely.... admirable... if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think of such things." Phil. 4:18

I'm sure there is a good reason why this commandment is included in the Word. It guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" and preserves our peace with God. (from vs 7)

Just how literally should we take this verse? Could it mean that it might, uh, maybe at times, be a sin to watch the news or dwell on all the bad stuff going on in the world? - you know, like eating too much junk food.....



 2007/10/12 22:10Profile

Joined: 2007/10/9
Posts: 18


Good point Diane,
I feel that we can expand that thought further. So much on TV, soaps and films is completely depressing. If we fill our minds with a diet of divorce, affairs, violence, murder and iniquity it will pull us down. As Keith Daniels advises us - "Soak yourself in the Word of God"

 2007/10/13 3:44Profile

 Re: Why do Christians get so down at times?

Intens4Him said

First off, Dorcas... thank you so much for the head's up about Don Francisco's free mp3's. I've been listening to him since the 80's.

Thank you.

What I think is even more wonderful is the permission to create one's own cds of his music for evangelism.

He is so biblically sound, untrendy, yet musically versatile and always with a slighly oblique take on the matter in hand, I believe he well deserved the accolades of his peers in secular music, such as he received for 'He's Alive'. Did you know that when it first was played (and probably can anytime it is played) it caused people to stop what they were doing to get right with God? Even motorists were pulling over because they couldn't go on until they'd prayed or stopped crying. God uses that man!

 2007/10/13 5:31

Joined: 2006/9/23
Posts: 212


I agree with what has been said, i dont think its a sin to feel down, or to be sad. We are emotional beings, but the question is what do you do when you feel like that? If im honest, too often i know that Christ is who i should run to to ragain joy and contentment but why does it sometimes seem much easier to run to other things to fill that hole or to cheer us, these can be things which are or are not sinful in themselves, but i am so angry with myself that on occasions i believe that lie of the devil and rather than run to Christ for comfort run elsewhere.

Im sure satan knows we are more susceptable to sin when we are feeling low, he is dirty, he comes against us most in those moments

George Platt

 2007/10/13 7:10Profile


Jesus said to be either hot or cold, lukewarm won't do! : ) How many christians are HOT? Jesus said few. He also said when He comes will He find faith. There are a small percentage of christians who are HOT for God. I didn't say it Jesus did. Maybe it's because we are looking at the majority of christians who may not even be christians. Yes, it's true the majority of christians are not HOT for God.

But look at this board, praise God! I believe this board blesses God. I know it blesses me to see all of the christans hungering for God even though their are few of us.: ) The revival conference is encouraging to me. That's what God wants to see His children hungering after Him. I wish I could be there but I will be praying. I was listening to Paul Washer last night too and what a blessing!

 2007/10/13 7:58

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