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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Reaching out to Israelies and Jews - What/Where/When/How are we to do it?

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 Reaching out to Israelies and Jews - What/Where/When/How are we to do it?

I have a friend in my immediate fellowship who spent some time in Israel as an exchange student while completing his film degree. He was telling me about his adventures, during which he asked whether we should be keeping Israel plus the global Jewish populaion in our prayers.

My initial thoughts that I'd like to share:

1. Of course, we should be including ALL nations when we pray that the lost will come to salvation.

2. Depending on whether you're post/pre-trib in your view of the end times, should we be concentrating now in this age on reaching out to Jews via evangelism and missions, or just wait for the church to be raptured so that God's plan for Israel can be fulfilled accordingly?

3. What about discipleship? How are we to educate hebrew-speaking readers of the Torah? (I've actually had an Israeli come as a guest to my small-group. There were initial difficulties over respective hermeneutics, but we both got to learn a lot.)

4. If revival and awakening were to break out within the Jewish populations across the world and we suddenly had thousands of Jewish converts flock into our churches en mass, what effect would it have on the Body of Christ overall?

Benjamin Valentine

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