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 Re: frustration


yes, prayer is what I should have done. :)


"living it" to me is resting in it :)

I do want to apologize to anyone I might have offended by this post. Though the message of it has weighed heavy on me - so have the consequences.

Maybe the spirit of it was not as it should have been. Though I know much of it is truth, many times it is not worth the risk of offending. I probably should have held my tongue and waited until other times to find more appropriate ways of getting this information out (such as the A.B. Simpson article).

Maybe I did not offend and if I didn't, that's ok too. But the Holy spirit will not let me rest until I have done what I know is right- which is to apologize for the spirit in which I wrote the post.

May He increase, as i decrease. -chanin


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Just finished reading the first post. I like Ron's(InTheLight) response. God's desire is to reveal himself to us, "at many times and in various ways" (Heb. 1:1).

More importantly, He speaks to us [i]through[/i] our dear brothers and sisters--not just the "big name" speakers but all of them--the question is whether we pay attention to Him.

The Spirit can touch the core of our being even through a four-year-old little kid's simple prayer, as I have recently experienced.

My problem is to learn to [i]listen attentively[/i] and to expect God's speaking at all times through different means and people.


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I didn't find the post the least bit offensive, though somewhat surprising.

If God's making us grow, we'll inevitably "outgrow" certain sources of nourishment and knowledge (as per the milk and solid food of the Word). We should always take careful consideration and examine whether we really have outgrown such and such, or if it's something else (there's obvious danger in presuming to have gone past something, Satan no doubt tries to get us think we have when we haven't).

Personally I've gone through a few phases where I've gotten more or less all I can out of a given teacher or group of people (in terms of good examples to seek to emulate), but it's been important for me to not be self-centered, and to be sure to give as much as God gives me to those groups whether or not they're helping me grow as much as I was in the past.

Let us seek God, the true source of all good and perfect things, and obey Him regarding the means of grace He desires us to make use of, in the way He desires, for the time He desires. Let us be just as eager to be used by Him as minor means of grace, regardless of what it'll do for us (though undoubtedly He works on and in us as He works through us).

It's very sweet and light-shedding, the concept of [b]total[/b] obedience. Deeds, words, thoughts, attitudes, methods, timings, demeanors, personality, all of it should be determined solely by what is most pleasing to God. Let us never cease to listen to what God wants of us, in anything.

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