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[i]There is no cost to attend the conference but it is asked that you pre-register at: to secure a seat for the event. Visit for more information.[/i]


Is The Lord Satisfied? by Roger Ellsworth

But the Lord Jesus had a far different diagnosis. He says His church was anything but the way they imagined. She was, in fact, wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked (Rev. 3:17). This shows us that there is only one evaluation of the Church that counts. It is not a matter of whether church members are satisfied with their church or whether their leaders are. Is the Lord satisfied?

The church of Laodicea needed a true spiritual revival. And the Lord Jesus Christ was well able to meet that need. He offered them gold refined in the fire, white garments for clothing and salve for their eyes (Rev. 3:18). The gold refined by fire told them that He could take the sinful dross and impurities out of their lives. The white garments told them that Christ could enable them to walk with Him in a holy and righteous way. The eyesalve told them that the Lord could cure them of their spiritual blindness. He could open their eyes to their true condition and to His sufficiency for their condition. All of the things they so needed were available to them, but they had to stop saying "I have need of nothing."

It is no different with the Church of today. True spiritual renewal has already begun when we stop trusting ourselves, our cleverness, our ability to entertain and promote, and recognize that we need God. It is sadly possible for things to go along smoothly enough in our churches that we become complacent and satisfied. Before we realize it we are merely going through the motions. We have nice buildings, nice services and nice programs, but we have lost the reason for all these things, namely, to proclaim the gospel of Christ. It is possible for us to fall into the rut of merely having church without having hearts aflame with love and devotion to Christ and concern for the unsaved.

As long as we are content to merely have things the way they are, we shall never see a mighty moving of God’s Spirit and the changed lives that such a moving produces. But when we get fed up with going though the motions and begin to cry urgently and fervently unto God, we open the door to seeing marvelous things indeed. May God help us to begin to cry!

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