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 Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'

[b]Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'[/b]

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--A majority of Southern Baptist senior pastors and laity believe Christians should not drink alcohol and that using it could cause other believers to stumble, according to a new poll by LifeWay Research.

The survey asked Southern Baptist and non-Southern Baptist pastors and laity a series of seven questions about alcohol, ranging from their views on whether getting drunk is against Scripture to whether drinking alcohol is an example of Christian liberty.

Among Southern Baptists, 77 percent of senior pastors and 59 percent of laity believe "Christians should not use alcohol as a beverage." Those percentages fall, though, when Southern Baptists are asked whether "Scripture indicates that people should never drink" alcohol. Forty-one percent of SBC pastors agreed with that statement, while 34 percent of Southern Baptist laity did. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'

I don't think believers should drink either, but that is just my two cents.


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 Re: Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'

I grew up in SBC denomination. To be in leadership you have to sign a contract saying "I will not consume ANY alcohol."

Just my experience with them.

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There's nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, it's not unbiblical (do not [i]get drunk[/i] on wine). But if you choose not to drink because of the way it is misused in today's world, then that's fine as well. It doesn't matter either way.

 2007/10/8 12:59

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 Re: Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'

I would say that the SBC church I attend firmly fits into the 77%. Although if the topic were brought up, the official line would be 'It's not unbiblical, it's just not something we do... and don't get drunk.'

Traditionally church weddings have been alcohol free as well -unless a non-believing parent is footing the bill, in that case they've usually got a bar, but it mostly goes un-used.

Ian Smith

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 Re: Poll: Southern Baptists say 'don't drink'

I would never consume wine in front of another Christian, unless he has the same liberty I have and he doesn't have a problem with it, ie; getting drunk.

I have never seen anyone get drunk on a half a glass of wine at 7%-9% alcohol content. You have to have a few of them to reach the tipsy stage, but wine is not a favourable drink to get drunk on. It's the strong variety that gets you into trouble. New wine is potent. Harder type wine varieties like Brandy, Port and Creams can really pack a wallop in just a half glass. Vodka, Rum, Whiskeys and the like should be avoided by any sensible believer altogether, because just a little is too much.

If your like me, a "sipping saint" who on occasion has a 1/2 a glass of wine at the supper table or relaxing with the Word of God, should only drink wines that are older and only have an alcohol content no greater than 9%.

If your purpose is to drink wine for the shear pleasure of getting a little kick, you have an alcohol problem and you need to cry to the LORD for help in overcoming this weakness.

 2007/10/8 13:28

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The question I believe is "Will this make another believer stumble?" If you drinking would make your brother stumble, don't do it. Plus, getting drunk is a no no.

Jesus turned water into wine, and I'm sure some believers drank it.

We all know that NOT drinking creates less of a problem in people. Temptations rise when drinking. But to mandate that someone not drink may be considered a little too religious for me. I am not against people choosing not to drink, I don't, but I think that people and leaders need to be careful in what they consider right and wrong. I am a grown man and trust myself not to become drunk and out-of-line. If you cannot trust your own "members" of the church to not drink responsibly, a long overveiw of the assembly is needed.



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It is not the Southern Baptist we need to be pleasing to or obey unless of course they are in tune with HIS WORD and this case they are. What does God's Word say in the full council? When Jesus turned the water into wine is their any evidence it was fermented? Again what does the Word say about drinking are what is the most important thing to be filled with?
When you consider most of the crimes that are committed are under the inflence of alcohol or drugs and also many sins of incest in the Old Testament was a result of alcohol. Alcohol is actually a drug. Ok for medication in cough medicine or such as that. How many alcoholics when they take there first drink said, I know I going to be an alcoholic but I'm drinking anyway? If one attempted to drink only up to the point of not being drunk, how would he know what that was without getting high to find that point?

 2007/10/16 23:08

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