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 Conspirator Voters

The Democratic voters openly conspire with other members of their Party to take over local and national government by reelecting corrupt office holders again and again, while funding corrupt action groups to defame and financially destroy opponents using their corrupt Democratic members in the news media and courts to go after their political opponents.
The Democratic Party voter funds the ACLU and Democratic Party member lawyers to bring a legal action against Democratic Party opponents in court, conspiring to defame political opponents utilizing again their corrupt Democratic Party voter members inside and outside of public office in news rooms, courtrooms classrooms and Hollywood . They conspire to reelecting their corrupt Democratic Party office holders if they believe that corrupt member can hold on to that political office seat in the next election.
What is the end of all this corruption in a political party? The answer is the filling of public offices with corrupt politicians, crude, base individuals who commit atrocities against the weak in the name of the American people.

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