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 Re: When Seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit...

HomeFree89 said

OK, I think I'm beginning to see, God can do it any way He chooses, but the example of the apostles was that of laying on of hands. Right?

This is what they did when the Holy Spirit had neither been preached nor received.

I don't think there's any evidence they laid hands on the 3000 people in Acts 2, before they were born again... is there?

 2007/10/7 11:07

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 Re: When Seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit...

I only scan/read the other comments but here is my experience with God about this topic.

According to the Bible, the Baptism of the Spirit happened 2 ways. Through the upper room and through the laying on of the hands.

Also, from my time with God. Pentecostals/Charasmatics aren't good with terms. They use a term in the bible and make it mean something else. Or twist scripture. In this case, not 'too terrible' but still bad enough to cause some confusion.

**I'm not God, I'm not perfect nor is my doctrine, but this is my time with God and how all of this has related to me**

Now, 'filled with the Spirit' and 'baptised in the Spirit' are NOT the same. One represents the inside of one's spirit and the other is the power in one's life.

Non-pentecostals/charasmatics CAN be filled with the Spirit, just like ANY child of God. It's the character of one's life and the infilling of Goodness of God's character.

The Baptism of the Spirit is one of ministry and empowerment. A transfer from being a 'child in the kingdom' to being 'a leader in God's kingdom'.

Jesus/God said 'WAIT till you receive POWER'. Not character.

Power was expressed in Tongues, interpretation, healing, signs, wonders, knowing the future and other supernatural things.

If you look at all the 'ask, knock, seek' scriptures and compare them. It's simply refering to the HOLY SPIRIT and the receiving of it. Not of conversion but of empowerment.

It's persistance.

My personal experience took 3 weeks of prayer and groaning to God. I had a few people pray for me and say "You have it" but deep inside my heart I knew that they were wrong. Finally, one night in my room, I received it through expressing in Tongues (which is my gift). I had an 'upper room' experience. No one 'gave me the baptism' through laying on of hands. I was alone in my room in prayer.

Wesley, Spurgeon, Moody, and many others even though they aren't like today's "typical pentecostals" they were BAPTIZED in the Spirit.

But!! A word of warning.

You can have one without the other. Character without power. Power without character. It's not a need of "one or the other" it's a need of BOTH. Seek both. Seek them with all your heart.

Let's live GODLY and POWERFUL lives of the kingdom.

 2007/10/7 13:25Profile

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