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 This is a Prophet's Reward! ...

In the natural, persecution, rejection, alienation, doubt, and sometimes fear are primarily a prophet’s reward. These because the majority of folk (both saved and unsaved) treat with apathy, suspicion, disdain or outright animosity those who bear witness to the truth ... In the natural the price of this office is to seem to stand alone, if not of benefit socially with some small remnant of like minded folk ... As with Jesus, if we've really recieved Him as our ultimate Man of God, and really practice His admonitions, we will recieve in the natural, and in short order, persecution and rejection.

But now in the supernatural (praise God) you'll sense a mountain top intimacy of prescence with Him that few know ... And also a most wondrous sense of security even in the face of most direst situations, because scripture attest that all needs of God’s true prophet are miraculously met ... Which is why Bro. Ravenhill remarked that a true prophet has no concern for his/her earthly needs, because God has already made them materially self sufficient (which in Elijah's case sustained others), via whatever or whomever means He choses ... This is why I personally have no fear of coming judgements, financial collapses, etc. ... Prophets may appear as men in bondage to the natural (worldly), but are totally free in the supernatural (spiritual) ... A prophet's primary message is to "REPENT", it's the last word Jesus spoke to us (His Church) in the Revelation to John ... A prophet's ultimate reward is that we are already first fruits of what the Father has put on our lips to proclaim ... Recieving a prophet's reward is in the decisive act of accepting the message of repentance itself ... Anyone recieving, accepting and acting on the word of repentance from the true man of God can expect the same divine security (from whatever the word from the Lord is on his lips) as the prophet.

This was sent to me, see what you think:


The word of the Lord came to me saying:

You hear Me, yet you hesitate—what does it matter how you hear Me? You hear Me! What you hear from Me through the pain in your own heart will shake nations! You fight being where I have placed you in the Body. Your strength comes from Me. You receive from the root of prophecy that burns in your bones, and from the longing for what you see and cannot hold in your hand. You cry out for others, yet you struggle with your own spiritual development.

Your course is charted, your way is chosen by the Lord. You are suffering the birth of creation in the sons of God in Christ with those who are in the fellowship of the Godhead, walking in the creation of new life, into old things having their roots there that have gotten lost along the way.

Dig deeper! That is your calling--the voice of the prophet that speaks out in a dry land! You hate the darkness and suffer as you see the dry leaves fall into oblivion! You cry to be delivered from this place in Me, but deliverance will come to others through your desire and through the desperate cry of the Father in your own heart.

You suffer what all prophets have suffered: Isolation, loneliness, and rejection. But it is in and through this that the birthings take place, that the anointings are given to others. It is through your desire that they will birth forth into the kingdom. Can't you see that the desire and desperation in your own heart is birthing forth the children with the life of the Father?

You carry the burden of the Lord—remember this! I carried this burden while I walked in the earth, and it was only the Father's voice that could ease My pain and grief. You live in a time of shallow people. You hear Me child, even when you don't want to hear Me. Your gifting cries out in your bones for relief, yet you find none, because the heart of the Father is crying out for His children.

You are in the birthing process to do birthings. Does a mother not have pain? And so it is with you. Yes, you follow a road you have not chosen, but it burns in your heart because I have chosen it. You thirst because I thirst, and cry out because I cry out. I cry for the children who do not hear, the children whose hearts have been seared with a hot iron, children who cannot see or know their Lord without the life of the Spirit. My children are in captivity; can't you see this?

In your struggle you will reach your goal—know this! You are poured out in Me as a living sacrifice of the Lord of glory. There is only one road to glory, and you're on it. You give up your life for My will and purpose, and then I bless you with seasons of rest in the glory. Remember that when the babies are born, there is great joy and refreshing in My presence! The voice of the Lord speaks to you and you hear!

Not all pathways are the same. Enjoy other's ways and seek your own from the face of God. This is the water that satisfies your thirst. Your tears that have been spent in the struggle of life while in the flesh will be remembered by the Father. And your desire for Me is great, even in your confusion and struggle. But at the end of your journey, there is life and joy in the Father's house. )))

I find all these words so comforting and especially these, "You are in the birthing process to do birthings" ... What's a prophet's reward? ...

Birth pains!

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