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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

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 Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

I sent this sermon out yesterday and this morning to about 10 or 12 folks... so I thought I would start a thread in which y'all could give me a little feedback about it, or discuss anything about the message.

I hope y'all were blessed by it, and I felt that it was a timely message with the revival conference coming up in a couple weeks.


 2007/10/4 8:53

Joined: 2007/5/15
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Bowmansville Penssylvania USA

 Re: Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

Haven't gotten a chance to listen to it yet. Will listen to it tonight and report back monday. My only internet access is work.

Jeff Mollman

 2007/10/4 9:30Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
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 Re: Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

I think this was a good message, what "stood out" to me immediately was that when revival broke out, or started, it began with the pastors, and it was conviction of sin and the great need to "get right with God" and fellow humans.

Some other things was we are so bound up in materialism and "buzyness" TVs playstations, mobilephones, you name it, so i think we need to get rid of some things and give time to God.

wait upon the Lord. There were many other things also but I start with these...

Overall it must have been an awesome period of Gods visitation! that we would see more of this! may it come to the Revival conference...


 2007/10/4 9:41Profile


Amen... we are so tied down by our materialism, and so distracted. We are so easily drawn away by shiney things that we dismiss the important.

Like was pointed out yesterday... to quote brother Ralph, he said "What Communism couldnt do to our country, materialism HAS done to our country..."

I also agree with you... it's interesting that revival seems to begin in the hearts of those who most would consider as having it all together. Like the woman he talks about who testified that she's been a hypocrite for 63 years, and refused to listen to God because of her pride... "what would everyong think?"


 2007/10/4 10:53


[i]Our little mountain has become a target, your town has become a target and it is the very battle plan of the devil to take the fundamental Bible believing churches and either put them out of business or to take their fire and joy so that no body can see a move of God in this generation. [/i] - Ralph Sexton

That's staggering true, especially when I think of how many Bible believing, conservative churches have been pulled apart by strife and dissension.

I was just about shouting hallelujah when I heard of those pastors getting right with God and with that is [b]God[/b] working in hearts. And when that older lady confessed her hypocrisy...

This is so needed all across America and other parts of the world, this strong sense of the conviction of sin that is brought only by the Holy Spirit, it cannot be worked up by man, at least not genuine conviction, but it is totally the working and moving of God. And with that conviction there must also come a brokenness and yielding to God,
[i]"Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power..." Psalm 110:3[/i]

Oh for God to pour out His Spirit upon His people!

 2007/10/4 12:32

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 Re: Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

Where is the sermon you are talking about? I see no link to one on this thread....


Sandra Miller

 2007/10/4 13:07Profile


It's not on SI, it's from a CD I have. If you want me to send it to you please PM me w/your email address.

Also, see this thread:


 2007/10/4 13:13

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North Carolina, US

 Re: Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

AMEN !!!

 2007/10/4 16:54Profile

Joined: 2007/4/30
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 Re: Feedback on the Ralph Sexton Jr revival sermon

Blessings everyone,
I just finished listening to this sermon.
This nation(US) has really been blessed with revivals. It got me thinking and asking if my nation(Mexico) has ever seen God move this way in the heart of people. Religion has really blinded our people there. God,please open our eyes and breathe in us for the sake of your Son Jesus.
:cry: :cry:

thank you brother for sharing this with us.

 2007/10/5 11:02Profile


What I love about this message is it shows that God will move among the simple everyday people of this world. No big national names, no rolexes & Armoni suits... just simple country folks sitting in metal chairs in a tent out in a field somewhere. Yet, when they opened up their hearts, God moved in.

We like to make the gospel more complicated than it was ever intended to be. We like to make scripture more complicated than it is. It makes us look smart when we come on forums like this and confound and confuse the brethren with our lofty doctrines and proclamations... it's nothing more than wicked pride...

...and then we hear about a 73 yr old woman who confesses she was a hypocrite for 63 years, and finally bows her prideful heart before God.

How cool is that?

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.


 2007/10/5 11:23

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