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 Only for those SERIOUS about revival

For anyone going to the revival conference, or for those like me who are unable to attend but are just as serious about revival... I have an offer for you.

I have a recording of Dr. Ralph Sexton Jr. preaching about revival at the Cane Creek Revival that happened this time last year here in the mountains of NC. This revival started out as a normal week long tent revival, put together by several local Baptist churches. God's Spirit moved and the revival went from a couple hundred in attendance to thousands... one night there were 4,000. The tent meeting lasted almost 3 months.

This sermon is from that revival. I believe the 3rd week. It's simple, yet powerful. Homespun, but complex.

I highly recommend you hear this message, even if you just need personal revival.

I'm willing to send it to you free, all you have to do is PM me here and give me your email address. It's broken down into several small tracks, so it will be easy to email.

Dr. Ralph Sexton Jr. is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church here in Asheville, NC.

Please note that this is not a Charismatic "revival" like what you see on TBN, with barking and all that mess... this is a real, genuine revival where repentance and forgiveness are the focus.

The quality of the recording is excellent... straight from the soundboard.


 2007/10/3 7:51

 Re: Only for those SERIOUS about revival

By the way, I have visited Pastor Ralph's church numerous times, and know many folks who go there... this church, and brother Ralph are the real deal. I personally vouch for them.


 2007/10/3 8:36

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 Re: Only for those SERIOUS about revival

That is very kind of you brother. Recall this from some of the earlier postings awhile back, reading through the testimonies and accounting of all that had taken place. Geniune indeed.

Mike Balog

 2007/10/3 8:39Profile


++ Bump ++

Just want to make sure everyone gets a chance to see this... [b]please read the original post[/b].


 2007/10/3 9:57


Just so everyone is aware... when I send this sermon out, I am not sending the first 9 tracks because it's all music.

The message starts on track 10, so thats the first one you will get. The sermon runs thru track 27. I have zipped the tracks into 6 zip files... the largest being 9 meg.

You will need a total of 48 meg of free space in your email inbox when I send them all thru. I will send one zip file at a time. (6 total emails)

Then you can just load up all 17 tracks in order into whatever media player you use, and voila... you have the sermon in it's entirety.

I'll send them out in a few hours. (it's Wednesday 10/3 morning as I write)


 2007/10/3 10:14



 2007/10/3 11:03


How long is the message?

 2007/10/3 11:23

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 Re: Only for those SERIOUS about revival

"what communism couldent do to our country materialsim has done"



 2007/10/3 11:50Profile


How long is the message?

45-50 MINS


 2007/10/3 12:10


...bump - read the original message.

(only gonna bump this for today)


 2007/10/3 14:07

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