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 a w tozer message in revival hymn

I was wanting to know if anyone knew the message by A.W. Tozer used in Revival Hymn. I have found all the other messages. This is the only message I lack from listening to all of the original messages. The other messages are:
"Revival Actual and Possible" Ian Paisley
"Pearl of Great Price" T. Austin Sparks
"What is Your Life" Leonard Ravenhill
"Sins of Laodicea" Leonard Ravenhill
"When God Stepped Down" Duncan Campbell
"Ten Shekels and a Shirt" Paris Reidhead

If possible that I could get the name of the message I would greatly appreciate it. Revival Hymn has been a catalyst for me. After listening to the Revival Hymn atleast 10 times and passing to on to friends at church, I felt more of a challenge to listen to the original messages. Along with me, most of my friends have wanted to listen to the original messages as well. I appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

By His Grace
Kenny Ray

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 Re: a w tozer message in revival hymn

Revival Hymn has been a catalyst for me.

Ah yes, and for many. Always good to hear more from those touched by this.


[i][color=000066]He that is from above is above all. I want to say dear Christians don't go around apologizing for Him. Don't go around worried because you can't make His doctrines fit in with what you learned in school. All you learned in school was one fallen head instructing another fallen head. And you don't have to apologize for Him.[/color][/i]

Went searching high and low through the archives and cannot recall where there was a mention of which particular sermon this stemmed from.

Cannot be sure, but seem to remember that I had stumbled upon it from those that I had downloaded. Here are few of the possibilities, can't even be sure it is contained within these;

(Awake! Series) ~ 6 messages in total

How Can We Enter In ~ 2 messages

Three Classes of Man

God's Best is Himself

The Deeper Life ~ 2 Messages [i](Might start here[/i])

Holy Spirit Why Some Cannot Recieve Him

Presence Everywhere ~ 2 messages

Have the transcript available as you likely may be aware, but for others ... Just send me an email off the profile.

Mike Balog

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