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 Rare Solar Halo in Florida


[b]Rare Solar Halo in Florida[/b]
People in Miami were treated to a rare sight called a solar halo in the early afternoon of Friday, May 17, 2002. It's a localized weather phenomon caused by a thick layer of ice crystals in the atmosphere refracting light from the sun. The solar halo is a precusor to a weather front.


This just made me think about God's beauty of creation but at the same time making me think how people of old times used to think about these type of cosmic events. They mostly would consider it that God was saying something to the people of earth. Especially in calamities and natural disasters people would come and seek the face of God in isreal it was called "the solemn assembly" where they would petition God with what is happening and ask for favour and mercy. Just something to think about...

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 Re: Rare Solar Halo in Florida

god is so good!

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