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 The trouble with....

The trouble with throwing out all these doctrines of the church is that often times it ends up being nothing more than lazy preachers who refuse to spend time in prayer and studying to show themselves approved unto God a workman.....I'll talk to myself so nobody gets to thinking I'm talking to them, but I think, what's wrong with talking to God about these doctrines in a time of fellowship, along some country road or busy city street or in some field or factory, I think that many of these things would become anchors instead of weights and become a blessing like fresh water wells instead of stagnet pools of broken down cisterns. I guess being an ignorant uneducated soul like I am I hate to see thousands of years of godly wisdom thrown by the wayside, a wisdom that was forged by intense prayer and often by blood. Union with Christ is for all of life, even in the boring parts like church doctrines and histories and such, as a part but not divorced of.......


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 Re: A vital doctrine the church has failed to teach me...


Here4Him wrote:
By God's grace He has in recent days begun to truly and beautifully reveal to me the wonderful and foundational doctrine of 'Oneness with Christ' or Unity with Christ.

It is becoming so precious to me, but i had never really seen it before. Maybe i was just being really dumb and it was taught in a subtle way and i just didnt get it, but i dont think so, i really believe that in over 14 years of attending church i have never heard a sermon in all the churches i have been to on this subject. I am angry and dissapointed about that. Im beginning to wonder if there is any docrtine more important than this?!! Its at the heart of the gospel and i am beginning to see that scrupture is always referring to it.

Now many passages of scripture are beginning to make sense, like Col 2:12 "buried with Him in baptism by which you also were raised with Him through faith". Now i know that to be a Christian to 'believe in Jesus' is to be In Jesus (or to be one with Him), and to be in Him means that when He died i died, when He was buried i was buried in Him, when He rose i rose with Him, and now He is in heaven at God's right hand and In Him i am there too! He is my life! Because I am in Him God can treat me as He would treat Him, all His righteousness is counted as mine, His perfect life is mine, His death for sins is counted as mine- Oh how wonderful it is to be 'In Christ!'.

Now i know that all my interaction with God is only because I am in Christ, the only reason God can answer my prayers is because I am in Christ and when I pray in Christ's Name i am praying to the Father in Him- i.e. as though i am Him, therefore how could He turn my requests away!!!

I believe that this is one of the foundational truths to the very understanding of the gospel and i believe it will be the key to unlock Romans 6 to me. Know i can begin to understand how I have died to sin in Christ.

Because i am 'in Christ' or one with Him i can bodly cry to out God 'Treat me as you would treat Him' And He does! Through a lively faith in Christ i become joined to Him- one with Him and through His life, death and resurection and His suffering on my behalf i get the same treatment from God that he has always got- all because He (as my representative) got the treatment i should have got for my sins and rebellion (God's wrath upon the cross). That is the gospel!!! And oh what a gospel!!!!

Is it me or is this a forgotten doctrine? I really think it needs to be taught once again. I love it! I want to know it and then teach it to every poor Christian who hasnt grasped it! Have you grasped it?

I highly recommend a short book by E.W. Kenyon called

"Identification A Romance in Redemption"

It's only 70pages and is great profound truth to this topic.

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