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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Paul Washer?

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Joined: 2007/6/19
Posts: 119
Panama City, FL

 Paul Washer?

Has anyone ever heard Paul Washer's view on speaking in tongues?

I didn't mean to put this in the ministry articles and events forum.

 2007/9/17 19:40Profile

Joined: 2007/6/25
Posts: 759

 Re: Paul Washer?

I have heard of Paul Washer, he's awesome man of God. If you find a article concerning this, i would be very interested in reading.

 2007/9/17 19:54Profile

Joined: 2004/11/29
Posts: 364
Decatur, Illinois


I once read an article by Paul Washer (I wish I could remember the name) where he mentioned that he believes the gifts of the Spirit are operating today.

Joe Auvil

 2007/9/17 21:15Profile

 Re: Paul Washer?


TimmyJoe wrote:
Has anyone ever heard Paul Washer's view on speaking in tongues?

I didn't mean to put this in the ministry articles and events forum.

[color=0000FF] moe wrote: I have listened to many of Paul Washer's sermon's. I enjoy listening to them more than any on SI. He have never really heard him just spell it out where his interpretations were on tongues, in the way Pentecostals interpret or not. My guess is not. I have heard him say that he does fellowshipped with, pray with, and considers Pentecostal's who are Christian brothers and sisters in Christ, although he was some differences in theological postitions.

I think you have heard Paul's main concern. He is a Southern Baptist and he fears that many
church rolls of all denominations, are full of lost people, who are actually not christians at all. They are on the roll, been water baptized, but no conversion, no regeneration, no fruits, no new creation, no new name. He seems to communicate that the Southern Baptist to the
worst of them all with the most lost in the church service posing as christians. If this is true were does that leave those who do not particate with the body?

I am a Southern Baptist and I agree with that statement. I heard a sermon preached not long ago by an older SBC evangelist on God's people are quenching the spirit in church services. You know there are many ways we can quench the spirit. If anyone in the service is led by God through HIS SPIRIT to obey from the heart and don't obey, or if they do anything that pretending conveying it is from God and it's not, it is quenching the Spirit. He preached a christian gives out of a cheerful heart his tithe and offering to the God's church. This evangelist stated many church services get quenched when the offering plates are past when people do not obey, not giving out of legalism, but giving back to God what HE has given to us from a thankful heart for HIS forgiveness, provision, in Christ from HIS grace and HIS mercy.

I do tithe and often above tithe, 10 % before taxes, the first fruits and since I have HE has provided for needs met have been financially blessed more with keeping the 90% or less than the 95% to 98%. Not a properity gospel but truth. I know by saying this some one will give the Pharisee sermon of Luke 18:11 or equivilant in the other gospels when they don't understand the whole council of God. I don't care and even though one does give it is still by grace and mercy. We are to be witnesses of HIS love and HIS grace and mercy and that is my purpose.

I had never heard tithing preached before in that manner, but I agree. He rebuked the TV preachers who preached the properity gospel with their annointed ink pens and prayer cloths in asking for donations to pay the bills to stay on the air.
How do you feel about this manner of quenching the Spirit?

And if I might put a little humor in my post. We all who are indwelled with the Spirit of Christ will be with HIM in heaven. I have some heard some non Pentecostal Pastors say that the Pentecostals may shot on past heaven a little ways, in a joking manner, and have turn around and come back to be with us, but we will all be together. I have heard many Pastors quote that. These same Pastors are now inviting Pentecostal preachers to there denominational conferences as speakers. I think it is neat. How about you?[/color]

 2007/9/17 23:50

Joined: 2005/10/28
Posts: 246
Logan City, Queensland, Australia


Hi Moe_Mac,

As far as I know, the SBC doesn't exist here in Australia, but from what I've seen and heard online, there seems to be several inconsistencies among it's members with regards to doctrine and practice i.e., on one extreme you have the likes of Rick Warren running his seeker-friendly megachurch in Southern Califonia, yet on the other end you have people like Albert Mohler at Southern Theological Seminary whose theology is Reformed, Complementarian, Cessationist and based around a more confessional statement of faith.

So what exactly makes a Southern Baptist... Southern Baptist?

Benjamin Valentine

 2007/9/18 10:42Profile

Joined: 2006/3/22
Posts: 963
Wheaton, IL

 Re: Paul Washer?

Paul Washer is a member of the Southern Baptist Denomination and is a former missionary. To be a missionary in the Southern Baptist denomination you have to claim that you haven't used 'a private prayer language' in the past year. This is a backdoor restriction on the use of tongues in the mission field.

The official denominational stance on tongues is what I would call an offensive defense.

The Southern Baptists have seen the worst things out of the Pentecostal church and the Charismatic movement, and while the 'power' is attractive, the corruption isn't. So the SBC has put a much larger emphasis on the FRUITS of the Spirit and not the Gifts of the Spirit.

As a Southern Baptist member myself I actually find that I agree with my denominational leaders, as I've seen the abuses in our neighboring Charismatic and Pentecostal churches.

I've been told by more than one person that I'm not a Christian if I don't speak in tongues... I don't... I've never sought out the gift, I've sought out Sanctification and the overcoming Power of the Holy Spirit, but never Tongues in themselves. If God allows me to speak in tongues I won't fight it, but I'll put Loving others and being a Prophetic voice in my generation before speaking in tongues any day.

Ian Smith

 2007/9/18 10:52Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4984


I say as Zac Poonen, if satan makes something false there must be a real valuable also. Satan would not counterfeit the gift of tounges if there wasent a genuine one. Same with all the rest of the fake gifts, There are fake healing fake prophesies...but there is also the real thing, the bible says so...


 2007/9/18 11:08Profile

Joined: 2006/7/5
Posts: 638


I know that Paul Washer was influenced by Leonard Ravenhill--not a pentecostal but a charismatic--and he also claims as close friends brothers in the Lord who are pentecostal. He tells of a brother in another country who he claims is an apostle. So I would not be surprised at all if he believes the gifts are for today. I know of many Southern Baptist ministers who disagree with the official position of their denomination on the gifts. Not that it matters though:-)

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2007/9/18 12:13Profile

Joined: 2007/6/25
Posts: 759


When I first became a believer, I spoke in tongues. i haven't forgot the language. I still if I want to start speaking. I received it by having a charismatic ask if anyone want to receive the gift of tongues, I though, sure, why not, I was a new believer and thought it was normal. He laid hands on me and I went out on the floor. That was several years ago, I know longer hold this believe and I have been one now to combat this type of doctrine. Do I think there is the gifts of tongues,yes I do believe, but I don't believe that it is what it is today! I am probably more cynical about this, only because I came out of this whole movement damaged and I damaged others.

I have to go, got to eat, i will be back to finish.

 2007/9/18 18:39Profile

Joined: 2006/8/17
Posts: 285


He laid hands on me and I went out on the floor

Why does that happen?

Leonardo Santana

 2007/9/18 19:57Profile

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