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The World’s Greatest Need Today- God by Jonathan Goforth

“These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brethren.” - Acts 1:14
They were seeking God the Holy Ghost. The one thing which the Master emphasized when He was leaving the disciples was God the Holy Ghost, and their need of Him. Without Him they could not hope to be true representatives of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. So they just went to work in one accord and sought for Him. We find them here appreciating the value of God the Holy Ghost for them in their work. They were not for one moment turned aside by any other issue. It was according to the promise of God the Father and the promise of the Lord Jesus to wait in Jerusalem until the promised One should come; and then He would convict of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment; He would guide into all truth; He would glorify Jesus.

Agreement About Our Need for the Holy Spirit

Now, can we do better than to unite and imitate them? My whole theme today will be the need of unity in seeking God’s best gift for us. If we had been in the right attitude, with one accord, seeking God as for hidden treasure, He would have come long ago with such tremendous power that the whole world would come to know our Jesus. But the world does not know the Lord Jesus through us, for there is not a mighty manifestation of Holy Ghost power in this land today; so that the need is still—God.

I am sure that if the King of Britain were to come to this tent, we would make way for him and we would give him the best place. There is a greater King—God the Father, and God the Son, represented by God the Holy Ghost. We may rightly say that the Holy Spirit is the executive of the Godhead. The worlds were made by Him, Jesus performed all His miracles by Him and Jesus spoke the words of the Father through Him. The disciples preached the Word of God with the Holy Ghost sent from above, and there were results following prayer.

It’s this same mighty Holy One that we are called to seek for today - Isn’t He worthy? Oh, how could we keep anything in our hearts that would keep Him out? What can be compared with this Holy One? All down through the Christian ages, whenever any mighty manifestation of power was seen which glorified Jesus Christ, He was the Author. He has never changed; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is just as almighty; He is just as full of love; He is just as thoughtless of self today as of old. He never will glorify Himself. But oh, we should honor ourselves in honoring Him; we should honor and help others by honoring Him, by allowing Him to come that Christ might be exalted.

The Holy Spirit will never glorify Himself. He always keeps in the background. He lifts up Jesus Christ so high, and makes Him appear so glorious that all eyes are fixed upon Him, all hearts are drawn to Him; and so it is easy for every lip to confess Him, every knee to bow before Him.

Could we do better, than to seek for God the Holy Ghost to come—to come without any condition? God forbid that we should make any condition for the coming of One so great and so wise! He understands everything; He understands every need and He can come in and supply all the fullness of the Godhead. He will come in, when He is allowed to reign in the heart. Then, why not agree? Why not come in one accord in seeking for God the Holy Ghost?

Why Do We Want the Holy Spirit to Come?

But we must be in one accord in our motives. Why should we seek God the Holy Ghost? If God the Holy Spirit comes there will be signs, mighty ones. I believe that if He were allowed to come and if He were appreciated as in the beginning, there would be more wonderful signs than ever before. There is more material to catch fire in the world today; there are more hearts alive to Jesus Christ today than there were at Pentecost; so that if He came today there would be tremendous movements in the world.

Now, how about our motives? The Holy Spirit, if He had control, could not be idle. He would transform our lives, save the children in our homes, save our neighbors, sweep out giant evils everywhere. Yes, He would come with glorious power. And what would be the consequence? Would we be declaring our own fame, that we through our own holiness or goodness had been the means of bringing down the Holy Ghost in such a way as the world never knew before? If such a thought enters our heart, we are far from Pentecost, far form having the Holy One to come and take possession.

If out of a million parts, we are not prepared to give every part to Jesus Christ, and to crown Him Lord of all, we are far from receiving such a blessing. Christ must have all the glory. No matter how high He exalts us, we must fall prostrate at His feet, as dead to the world, as dead and risen with Him, sitting in the heavenly places and exalting Him as King. Are we prepared for this? Can we with one accord, seek that condition before God? It is God’s right to claim it, and our duty to grant it. Oh, may God make us willing in this day of His power, to let Him once and for all reign as King in our lives, our homes, our churches, our land, that no God-dishonoring thing shall be allowed to remain. We will be zealous for God, and will remember that all the glory shall be His.

Agreement About the Promise of the Holy Spirit

There is another thing upon which we can unite. It is this: Believe that God means just what He says. We must cast away unbelief forevermore. It is unbelief and hardness of heart that keep God out. Mind you, they were all with one accord in believing that Jesus meant just what He said, when He promised that the Spirit of God should come with power, and with power to witness for Him to the ends of the earth. They believed that the Lords words would come true. Heaven and earth should pass away rather than the words of Jesus should be unfulfilled. “It is the promise of the Father to us,” they would say, “and we must stay right on here praying.” Not a soul in the company doubted for one instant, but all went on praying. It took them ten days, its true; but it was ten days to get emptied out. There were many things to set right, a good deal in their hearts to be emptied out, but they believed God’s word. It might take us twenty days to get emptied out, and the time would be well spent. God would have taken possession of many of us long ago, if we were only ready.

I imagine that on the first morning that the brethren and sisters met in the upper room prayer meeting, if everything had been emptied out God would have come in and filled them. Yet, it required them ten days to get right with God. Are we prepared, with one accord, to seek in faith God the Holy Spirit? They realized that He desired to use them; they believed that they needed Him; they believed that the world needed Him; they believed that the very honor of Jesus Christ was at stake and that God’s glory was at stake. Beloved, no one but the Spirit of God could truly represent Jesus Christ in them. Do we believe that?

We Have NO Excuses!

Now, remember, we have not as much excuse for sinful unbelief as they would have had. They had no Pentecost to look back to. God’s Holy Spirit was never been poured out in any extraordinary measure before. They had no experience to base their faith upon. They had the word of Jesus Christ; but you have that much and you have a Pentecost as well to fall back upon. You know that when the brethren sought God at Pentecost it was not in vain. All who were in one accord received the Holy Ghost and did wonders. Whenever we have decided to do work for God, we have to go back to Pentecost for our models. God is a reality in the world; and God the Holy Ghost can do wonders beyond what we ask or think. Everyone, after He came at Pentecost, received exceeding abundantly above all that he had asked or thought. Jesus did not deceive. His words are as true today; He has never changed, never weakened in His power. God the Holy Ghost is just as ready to take possession in our lives today, as He was in Jerusalem in that upper room. Do you believe it?


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