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  Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web

Dearest Saints,

I am searching for books in my study of the Holy Spirit. I'll admit i get confused on: The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit or Being filling with the Holy Spirit or even still yet, Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Which is it. It seems so complex when i know it's not or shouldn't be.

At times i've even wondered if i were truly filled with the Holy Ghost at one time in my life. I'm not refering to being filled daily with the Holy Spirit now. I'm pentecostal and even i have a hard time understaning this all. The reason i say all this is because when someone has the Holy Ghost they are truly a different person and changing for and more for Christ.

They also have a burden for the lost, etc. I've never had all this happend to me so i desperatly need some answers. Any comments are welcomed but would also appreciate everyones impute on what they believe is a good book or books on this subject as i continue my research in the word of God on this subject as well.

Thank you all so very much for you time.

 2007/9/12 20:00

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 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Try these websites.


 2007/9/28 9:59Profile

 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web


Thank you dear sister.

 2007/9/28 10:27

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Bloomington, IN



[i]The Holy Spirit and Power[/i] by John Wesley
[i]Helps to Holiness[/i] by Samuel Logan Brengle
[i]Seven Pentectostal Pioneers[/i] by Colin Whitaker
[i]The Way to Pentecost[/i] by Samuel Chadwick

AW Tozer and RA Torrey also have several pamphlets and books on the subject. Do an Amazon search and you should find all of the aforementioned items.

Denver McDaniel

 2007/9/28 11:57Profile

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You are welcome.

This site has Watchman Nee books.
[url=]Watchman Nee Books[/url]

This website has lots of free books by JC Ryle,Spurgeon, R McCheyne, Bunyan, Andrew Murray, G Watson, AW Pink, and others
[]Mount Zion Bible Institute[/url] you can order hardcopies for free too.
This site has lots of articles and books too.
[]Victory over Sin[/url]

I believe that all the site I have posted have been approved by Greg. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted them.
I have found them to be great resources of books, I would have never been able to read otherwise.

I hope you are Blessed!


 2007/9/28 12:01Profile

 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web


Bless you for your help.

 2007/9/28 12:01

 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web

Melissa and BeYeDoers,

My goodness, between the two of you i will have my hands full. Thank you both ever so much. :-)

 2007/9/28 12:04

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Google book search for free books on 'Holy Spirit' turned up 14273 results, many books by puritans and theologians are in the list:

As mentioned CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library... not Calvin) has a great selection of writings on the Holy Spirit by the likes of John Owen and Keswick writers like Andrew Murray (his book Absolute Surrender is almost entirely about submitting to the Holy Spirit) It's worth spending time searching through CCEL for all of the hidden treasures like J Hudson Taylor, RA Torrey, CH Spurgeon etc.

Dust and Ashes - Free books, plenty of great stuff from Bonar, Taylor, Muller etc:

Last Days Ministries - articles on all topics of Christianity, not so much on Holy Spirit, but plenty worth reading:

World Invisible Library (/library) searching from the back end of the website shows a few books that aren't on the front end... and the front end is kind of clumsy, so it's easier to navigate this way. Definitely worth checking out Hession, Bonar, Tozer, Basilea Schlink, Finney etc.

There's more, but that should last you about a decade if you're thorough.

Ian Smith

 2007/9/28 12:49Profile

 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web


There's more, but that should last you about a decade if you're thorough.

With what all that has been given me i should think so. Thank you as well brother. :-D

 2007/9/28 13:02

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 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web

Hi Julian...

I believe that the best book on the Pentecostal Movement and their beliefs about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was written by John Sherrill, who co-authored [i]The Cross and the Switchblade[/i] with David Wilkerson, [i]God's Smuggler[/i] with Brother Andrew, and [i]The Hiding Place[/i] with Corrie ten Boom (all of whose messages are included here at SermonIndex) -- amongst scores of other books. This book, entitled [url=]They Speak With Other Tongues[/url] is a classic on the subject.

John Sherrill was a writer and editor for [i]Guidepost[/i] magazine. He was assigned to write an article about the Pentecostal movement during the 1960s. To further his understanding, he began extensive research into the history of the Pentecostal Movement, the gifts of the Spirit, and the doctrines that accompany them. His book includes a strict historical account of the movement, an extensive listing of the doctrines associated with the movement, interviews with various Pentecostal ministers (like David Wilkerson) and his own personal testimony.

I found the book to be quite enlightening. When I first came to the Lord as a teen, I had many questions about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I found a copy of the book at a used book store. It was an extremely educational experience, if for nothing more to know what Pentecostals and Charismatics believe. While I don't consider myself to be a typical Pentecostal or Charismatic in a traditional sense, I do believe in both the Baptism and the evidence of tongues. My experience is somewhat different than those of other Pentecostals. I cannot simply "turn on" the "tongues" like others do (and are sometimes asked to do by pastors). I am also extremely skeptical of much of the showmanship associated with Pentecostal and (especially) Charismatic churches. But I do believe in the experience and I have also experienced it firsthand.

While I don't know if this book is available for free online, you can purchase a used copy at Amazon for as little as $2.83.



 2007/9/28 13:13Profile

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