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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Some Cautionary Thoughts on the Present Revival by Art Katz

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Dear sister,
I'm not sure but guessing that this was possibly somewhat directed at me due to my previous post. I would only agree with you wholeheartedly on most points. What is going on in China, Vietnam, and all across the world in the underground church is the closest thing to Apostolic Christianity on the planet. Only understand that these dear brothers and sisters who are suffering for the gospel are experiencing the same exact manifestations and power that are happening in the "present so-called revival".
As for your quote - it was more than likely not referring to churches experiencing "holy laughter" but rather your typical seeker friendly church where the pastor is a glorified comedian and the services are light, fluffy, and filled with anecdotal humor. (read the quote - the laughing comment is followed by a comment on joke telling)
I am in 100% agreement with this. You must also understand however, that just because American Christians are not presently suffering intense persecution-this does not negate the possibility of a move of God!
Also just because your church, or the believers in your sphere do not pray, attend prayer meetings, fast, radically evangelize, weep for souls, etc... does not mean that there are not Americans who are. If you came and visited with some students in our youth ministry you would find many who fit that description. They pray and fast until you have to tell them to take it slow for the sake of their health - they would be at this church weeping for souls at the altar every night until the wee hours of the morning if they could. All they think about is winning the lost, evangelism, harvest etc... On Friday nights they are at prayer meetings (and any other night they can find one). Yet most of this fruit came about as a result of this "present, so-called revival". Let me remind that these are not teenagers who are experiencing emotionals highs at services and then going out and living like the world. I know them and their character well. They blow my mind! Is that bad fruit? Does the fact that some of them have experienced manifestations such as laughter and laying in trance like states negate all of the fruit? Certainly not! REAL True HOLY LAUGHTER (not psychologically induced hysteria) would be more common in churches if we allowed the Spirit of God to lay His crushing burden on us. The only reason His yoke is easy and His burden in Light is because he sustains us with joy. John (Praying) Hyde attested to this.
At least in my sphere these manifestations are not happening to entertain useless "christians" who take up space and never do anything. The laughter, for instance, I see happen most in yound people who spend most nights up weeping for the salvation of their schools. Is it wrong for those who sow in tears to reap in joy? Those who I've seen touched the most are those who are continually going and pouring out to the lost. This is not a side show where greedy pilgrims come to take a "sip" and stagger around like fools and then go back to their sins. Is that happening? I'm sure it is in certain places - but it's not the norm where I'm from - and certainly not the point! Some cruel and evil men hijacked airplanes and caused much destruction on 9-11-01. This does not negate the fact that these were good planes capable of assisting men and women in travel!
In the same way, because some unwise leaders, and unhealthy saints have hijacked certain aspects of a movement does not mean that the whole thing is bad!
Even back to the comparison of the persecuted church and the present revival - while I was a student at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry - there was a young man whoes name I will not use. He was a leader in the underground church in Nepal - his leaders sent him there to receive teaching and to take part in the revival to better him as a leader. He had to sneak through borders to come, but came and soaked in all he could! He was not opposed to it - the manifestations and the like were not bizarre and demonic to him-to him this was normal Christianity in Nepal - Power, signs, wonders, purity, passion, evangelism, etc...
I believe we ought to be much more concerned about the neutered gospel and powerless church which is being exalted due to the whole seeker-friendly movement. We ought to be much more concerned about this weakening of the gospel than some things we do not understand. Just my two ( or three ) cents.


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 Re: Here's what's bothering me.

However there seems to me to be a certain breast beating going on;(not by you, thats not my implication, dear brother) a certain point of pride,'look how holy I am, look at my tears, look at my hair shirt, my seriousness, I don't laugh, I'm not 'immature', I don't indulge in whimsy, in false manifestations, I'm super-apostle'.

Thank you for this post. I am new to Art Katz, and I have learned a great deal from him, but I often get this same impression.

Thank you again.


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