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 Moderator Apology


I recently posted a petition for funds for bible college in another thread (which I have now deleted). I made my needs known about 1 year ago and many saints felt led to help me continue to run this website full-time and attend bible college schooling. Of recent I have desired to finish my education with one semester left and thought I would do that same petition to the saints here that frequent sermonindex.

Currently running is a FULL-TIME job and is quite demanding with all the tasks associated with it. I am living by faith in many ways and the Lord has provided for my "needs" over the last 5 years sufficiently. I do apologize to any saints the offense I caused by petitioning for money. I [b]will not[/b] do so again and desire no one to be "stumbled" over the needs associated with myself running this ministry (living costs, food and rent) and finishing my bible college education.

I do believe fully where the Lord guides He provides. I have a placard that states the following on my wall:

[b]The will of God
Will never lead you
Where the Grace of
God cannot keep you[/b]

I am deeply sorry for any offense or stumbling I have caused any of the saints of God. I covet your prayers for myself and this ministry.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/9/10 23:21Profile


Brother, as soon as I found this website - SermonIndex - I began to pray for you and everyone that comes here. I know that the Lord has given me that burden for intercessory prayer and this burden for you and all here is as strong as ever.

As soon as I read your post here, I immediately heard in my spirit George Mueller.
I looked under his name, but wasn't sure which to post to you. I looked under the one entitled "Literature" and that rang a cord, but there's more there and I believe the Lord will show you which to read.
Bless you Sir and Lord be with SI.

Do you need the link ?

 2007/9/10 23:48

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Dear brother, it is a blessed thing to know that God is glorified in providing all of our needs according to His riches in glory. "Take no thought" dear brother, God is faithful and the righteous have never been forsaken, nor have they been seen begging for bread. You are in good hands dear brother.

I have lived by God's provision (I hesitate to say faith as I have very little) for nearly a year and a half traveling full time and preaching the gospel, never have I seen even a single promise of God fall to the ground. Always He has been faithful.

I recommend a book by A. T. Pierson called, "George Muller of Bristol" as well as a small booklet entitled, "Mueller on money, and other related subjects". Also the Journal Reading sermon by our dear brother Washer is a tear jerking testimony of the faithfulness of God - even in our driest and worst of times.

Be encouraged brother, God is not one to break His word, He has swore by His very self, as He could swear by no greater.

Yours in service to Jesus Christ,
Evan Schaible

Evan Schaible

 2007/9/11 1:17Profile

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 Re: Moderator Apology

I will wade into this muddy topic.

This is absolutely ridiculous, Greg is humble enough to really not want to cause any offence. What in the world is wrong with the guy asking for support. though I did'nt read the original post, I sincerely doubt whether he was trying to manipulate or emotionally blackmail anyone.

I can't imagine how the pm's went, but can you imagine: Greg, you are really causing me to stumble by asking for money :-?:-?

I think maybe it is born out of deep seated mistrust in anyone or anything that asks for money read:wof's. But come one, this site is one of the best one the net in terms of content. Where on this whole site is there an indication that this is about fleecing people.

This really grieves and peeves me. I think that it is an absolute disgrace, even though a public apology is a good indicator of the mans integrity.

Greg, you have my support. Unless, of course, we find out that you actually have a 2 million dollar mansion and a lear jet. 8-)

Keep On,

Zeke Oosthuis

 2007/9/11 1:28Profile

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"No Certain dwellingplace"



That is sure an encouraging post brother. Living by the provision of God is perhaps the greatest way to glorify Him in ministry, and encourage others on to a full trust and reliance upon Him. Is He not faithful enough to be our sole patron??

God bless you brother.

Yours in service to Jesus Christ,

Evan Schaible

 2007/9/11 1:36Profile

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Melbourne, Australia



ZekeO wrote:
Greg is humble enough to really not want to cause any offence. What in the world is wrong with the guy asking for support.

I totally concur with ZekeO. Asking for help is an expression of humility. To beg is a humiliation that demonstrates the opposite of self-sufficiency.

Greg, there is no doubt you are a man of God, who earnestly desires to obey Him. :-)

Aaron Ireland

 2007/9/11 4:53Profile

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