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 Speaking of Agendas

I wanted to share a thought recently revealed to me through something my pastor said. It cut me to the marrow. One of those oh no, don't let this be true moments yet I knew it was true. I did not like seeing it. It just further revealed my own depravity and honestly, I am tired of seeing how depraved I am.

The thought was this. What is our real motive when praying for others (especially those closest to us)? Is the paramount aim that Christ receive his reward? Is it to keep them from eternal damnation? Or is it so that we will not have to deal with the pain their dysfunction is causing us? I must admit that my primary reason is usually the latter because I don't like dealing with the pain that is a result of their sin. You can even ask the same question of our praying for revival. What is the primary motive?

I am not eloquent with words but hopefully I have conveyed what I have seen in me at least. Perhaps this is very elementary and I am just way behind the curve. But this had never occurred to me before, yet when I saw it, it was so obvious.

All I can say is indeed Christ is my only hope. Where would I be without the grace of God.


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