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 A New Beginning - Accountability Partners

Dear saints -

I am a 22 year-old male, and I need a new beginning in my spiritual life. I do not need a new beginning just in the every-morning-is-a-new-beginning kind of way; I need a revolutionary overhaul of my whole life and manner of living.

Over the past two or three years, I have allowed myself to backslide into an existence that is shameful to the Lord Jesus. I have barely ever read the Bible during this period. I have given myself over to pornography at times. I have allowed myself to live according to the whims of my own soul - doing as I please, to excess, in spite of my conscience. I have been a hypocrite before those Christians around me. Outwardly, I have tried to pretend to be a model person, a very good student, attending all church services, volunteering my time in various ways, helping with youth younger than me. Inside, I have been sick and dying spiritually.

I need to have a revolutionary change. In the past few days, I have become desperate for this. Even if I am unwilling to work it out, I am also unwilling for this life to continue. I desperately need the Lord's help to turn around.

In this view, I am looking for one or two serious-minded Christian young men (close in age to myself) who would be willing to enter into a relationship of spiritual openness with regard to these problems - for the sake of our spiritual preservation and growth. I need an accountability partner in the spiritual life - to combat pornography and lust problems, but also for mutual encouragement.

Please send me a message through the website if you would like to discuss this with me. This is for the long-term.

If anyone else on the site has the grace to pray for me, my name is Daniel. I would appreciate your prayers so much. I want to break free and press on.

Thank you very much.

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 Re: A New Beginning - Accountability Partners

Hi Daniel,

I don't qualify as an accountability partner, but I will pray for you. Just remember that in everything that you do, you drag our precious Savior along with you.

In His Love,

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