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[i]There is no cost to attend the conference but it is asked that you pre-register at: to secure a seat for the event. Visit for more information.[/i]


GETHSEMANE: The Necessity Of Standing Alone

What is time for? Just weeping and praying and groaning for a lost world. What is eternity for? Rejoicing with the blood washed and the redeemed. They may be sleeping all around you, but you can be wide awake, and the greatest honor that can be given to you is to have a burden for souls that will lay on your heart till it breaks to pieces. People have remarked that certain men would have lived longer if they had not had such a burden for souls, but if you die with a broken heart, there is no lost time. You had better live ten years with the Holy Ghost than a hundred without Him. The Holy Ghost energizes and inspires and gives courage and character so that you can accomplish more in ten years than some people would do in a hundred. The burden for souls is rare; not many have it, and some say they would not like that kind of burden. It takes real life to carry it, and people may not live so long on earth, but they will live through all eternity in the presence of God.

Jesus might have lived longer if He had not carried such a burden, and His followers might have lived longer if they had not received the Holy Ghost. We can say that their Holy Ghost travail for the lost is why they all died an unnatural death. John might have stayed off the Isle of Patmos if he had not had the Holy Ghost. They chose to have the Holy Ghost and die an unnatural death rather than have carnality and live a hundred years. That is the secret, and may God help someone to receive the Holy Ghost, and in life and in death have the victory . God help you to be willing to pay the price. Do not miss your opportunity; it is within your reach now, and the Holy Ghost will be faithful to you. There was only one Transfiguration, only one Gethsemane, and only one Calvary. Jesus went through and died of a broken heart. Take the step now, regardless of anyone, and God will meet your need. Let us pray.

Reference Used: Holy Ghost Messages by Charles H. Stalker


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