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 Revival Hymn Video (Over 1 Half A Million Views)

[i]I have posted the youtube video of the revival hymn as a exception to the general rule of posting links to outside video content, especially from youtube. We do not endorse or recommend video content from that site.[/i]


It is in my estimation that the revival hymn video has been viewed over a half million times on the internet, I have done a quick search and found many websites where download and viewable movies are available. I am going to link to many of these in this thread along with many of the 1000's of comments on this video. If you have not watched this video yet I highly recommend you do so. May God send revival.

[b]Download The Video Here:[/b]

[b]Order the DVD version here:[/b]

[b]Revival Hymn Video Transcript[/b]

[b]Revival Hymn Audio Version:[/b]


[i]Some other sites the video is featured on:[/i]




and many more..


some comments on the video:

I have a confession: I have been asleep at the wheel. I have succumbed to complacency. I have been cavalier about God’s great mercy. I have indulged the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. I have forsaken Jehovah and served Baal and Ashtaroth. I had forgotten my first love. I was a slumbering sheep, game for the devil to devour; like shooting fish in a barrel, I was. I had cheapened the grace of God. As a result of me seeing this video almost a year ago, I R (truly) A Nu Man. Those are the opening lines of the book I have the privelege of writing to the Glory of God as witness to the power and saving grace of God through His son Jesus Christ.

I thank God for Him bringing me to this video. It has taught me somethink that I never quite understood before and it has blessed me immensely. I truly hope that it will be as great a blessing to others who see it.

Just want to say that this is one of the most powerful presentations of the Christian walk I have ever seen or heard. It explains the missions aspect wonderfully. It also demands to those who desire to follow Christ to make a decision. That decision on whether to follow Christ 100% or compromise their faith. Today that decision has never been clearer for the remnant, and not applicable for the weak. The choice is for each of us to make. Even so come Lord Jesus Shucks

This is a very exellent mp3. Whomever compiled this their time wasn't wasted. I think every evangelist in the world should listen to this, then every person that has a fire for revival. Then be a doer of the word and not just a hearer only

Watch this video, my friend. Are you saved? Almighty God is holy. He is worthy of praise! He is holy! Jesus Christ is the only way a person will ever find life. Repent and trust in Jesus Christ today. Churches need to get back to teaching the holiness of God.

Wow! I'd heard the audio before...the video was a nice touch!

In my opinion this is the "BEST" video on You Tube without a doubt. Thank you for posting it, many have been blessed by it, I can guarantee you that, I know. Gods grace and peace be with you.......<

ohhh this is so phantastic ... i have it in my favorites but cut into 10 mins pieces ... now I can watch it in full length right through!!!!
Whenever I listen to it, I am in tears.

This is classic preaching and worth it's weight in gold! The truths of this video will change your life as a preacher, Christian, or sinner that will ponder and apply it's truths. So excellent! A real treasure! I'm so excited! Thanks for compiling this.

Oh GOD Help Me Oh Lord Help the Christian help me Lord. I am from Africa The Children are saved. I cried when I listen to The message Lord The pulpit have been defiled. Do something.

Praise God! We must be on FIRE for the Lord. He is worthy of praise and glory, not hypocritical worship that we squeeze into our lifestyle, and twist to appease our desires and opinions. Complete surrender and obedience...only then can we fully allow God to work in our lives, and transform our hearts, mind, and spirit. :)

wish more pastors had the stomach for preaching the real word of God, instead of all this seeker sensitive, felt needs stuff. i am saving this to my favorites, thanks. peace

Old Lord, send a great revival to my soul!But maybe the cry ought to be ,"Lord send a resurrection to my soul!" for the church is asleep in the Light! God have mercy on us!

Thanks so much for compiling this video. I will download it and take it to the ends of the earth as I teach and disciple others preachers and missionaries. Thank you so much! I have listened to this 'audio' for over 20 years but longed for a 'video version' of the same sermons. Thank you for your hard work!

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