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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Praise the Lord!!! for he is worthy of praise!

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 Praise the Lord!!! for he is worthy of praise!

No matter what our situation, it is true that he is praiseworthy, but right now my soul is rejoicing.
I have been feeling pretty down the last day or so, and I really couldn't figure out why; there were a couple of reasons that seemed to be sources, but the more I tried to resolve them, the emptier I felt. I desire to please God, to serve love his other creatures, and I even actually do it and have been doing it, but my heart was oppressed. There was this inexpressible grief that I couldn't get rid of, or at least not for long. I was quite listless even after the great word that came from our Lord to me! I didn't want to deny its power, but I just didn't feel joyful. More than that, every time I turned on the news, every time I learned more about people, the more grief I had! How lost all of these people are! How worthless their lives are without Christ.
In any case, I was on here, and I read Mary Jane's thread on how she was also feeling oppressed, and though you were speaking to her, the advice makes sense to me.
I still have grief for the lost, but not this other stuff that was filling up my heart. Our God is mighty to save. He is love. The rocks cry out to his workmanship! I now also praise him! Praise him!
Could y'all pray for me that the darkness would not come back?


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 Re: Praise the Lord!!! for he is worthy of praise!

May God continue to help you grow in Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge of Him, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Yes, He is worthy of all Praise, Glory, and Honor.

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 Re: Praise the Lord!!! for he is worthy of praise!

Holy Father keep us low keep us on our knees
Holy Father keep our hearts soft and seeing and feeling the pain of the lost..

In His Love


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