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Houston TX


The church I attend uses PDL for community groups. I own the book and have tried reading it several times. I end up putting it down and picking up the Bible instead. Somehow, PDL just doesn't seem balanced. Others I know have have used the term "offensive". Does this mean it's a bad book? It does seem to land heavily on the side of "feel-good" Christianity. Don't get me wrong, I count myself a charismatic, and enjoy feeling the love of God. There is also a strong need for "suffering" and "fear and trembling" to temper "the love of God" in my life.

The lead in to chapter 7 is a perfect example of this. (Prov 16:4) Rick quotes: "The LORD has made everything for its own purpose." Rick decided it was better to leave off the following: "Even the wicked for the day of evil." The full verse is a lot more difficult to wrap one's head around and explain. This approach fosters easy-believism. You could say I am offended at his attempt to be non-offensive.

Christ was an offense to many. I would lie if I said He wasn't an offense to me at times. Why am I offended? Could it be my sin? Therefore, I must pause and deeply contemplate why I am so offended by this book. Could it be the Lord Jesus Christ is trying to show me something? This is why I put down PDL and pick up the Bible - to find the root of my offense so I can speak truth, and possibly confess sin.

Let's not kid ourselves. The visible church is full of the unrepentant. It is a hospital for sinners. Sometimes, that is me too. My broken heart isn't completely healed yet. I know I love God. I rejoice in His discipline, painful as it seems at the time. I love His Word. Where I fall down so often is in the love of men, especially my enemies, and sometimes even my friends. Don't you see? This means I don't love God the way I need to, for if I loved God with all my heart, I would love all men He places around me. I would be far more broken over this fallen world and far less angry at it.

I personally can't recommend Rick's book - it seems like "fast-food" truth. I can recommend the Bible. You really need to spend a lot of time in it to have it make sense. You see, I have been invited to a banquet where the clothes are not my own, the company is without peer, and the food is simply the best, and will take an eternity to eat.

With love,


PS: Are you not broken-hearted over the "weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth" outside?

Tim Majni

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I think really it is a book for the horribly immature. I think you are right, nothing will substitute for the bible. People care so little about God that they wont read their bible. Reading books is just like listening to sermons. Its amazing how long Ravenhill needs to preach, to just explain one concept in scripture that a paragraph in the bible hits on. They will never be able to match the scriptures. They can shed some light on the scriptures, but that is about all they can do. I would rather people read the bible. I think that people get saved through reading about living a surrendered life, through this book. That is the reason I support it. But you are right, it will never match the bible, and truth be told, the bible isnt as long as people make it out to be. No christian has any excuse for not learning His word well. And no one who continues to sin has either seen him or knows him.

Oh, and the bible says that bad company corrupts good character. One of the reasons that you may find it hard, is that people around you that are christians dont obey God. That makes it seem like it is okay when it isnt. We all are tempted and we fail at times, but they make it worse for us. I understand how you feel about that. We can do so much more when we see others fighting with their every last breath to obey his every command. By God's graces I pray that that would not carry to the next generation.


John C. Kelly

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 Re: The Purpose Driven Craze

Just another cult fad like The Prayer of Jabez. I wish we Christians would get as wrapped up in God's word as we are in certain Christian books.

Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, II

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 Re: The Purpose Driven Craze

I have not read it, but I do not intend to because I recognize that it is just one more facet of the Christian capitalism that so drives the American church.
My fiancee read it, and he said it was alright...but very "milky"...the same stuff spoon-fed to those Christians who were raised in American churches, but just put in pretty words and popularized by the fact that all their friends own it, so why shouldn't they?
I don't see how it would benefit my walk, truly, so I prefer to avoid it.
Chancellor put it well...why doesn't the Bible thrill them so?

Mary M.

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