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Discussion Forum : General Topics : 17 year old dead... what's it gonna take??

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Once again it appears I have managed to jump off the cliff of conclusions with my foot in my mouth and my heart on my sleeve.

Chad, my apologies first. I do truly share in your grief for your friend as well as for your concern about sharing your faith. This is a difficult time for you and I will pray the Lord will send The Comforter, The Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, strength and understanding as well as
the peace that passes all understanding.

Originally this brought back to mind the 'promise's' I had made to God awhile back after losing my cousin. It rightly sent me to consider once again just what is it I am supposed to be doing according to the will of the Lord, not by my own failed musings or by what others may think it is. I reached up and grabbed the shelf of guilt and condemnation and pulled it down upon my head. I am thankful for the wise consul of those who did strike a balance here. I also believe our witness has to be [i]lived[/i] and also believe it is hypocritical to go about 'witnessing' as a duty like it is some kind of sales presentaion. It is not. It makes me cringe to go back to some of the 'training' I had in this regards, drawing up the plan of salvation on a napkin, you are over here, God is over here, here's the bridge... It's just so ...shallow.

Much more could be said. I just want to encouarge you Chad not to take this upon yourself in the wrong way. It is not your obligation to do the saving, that is the job of the Holy Spirit. Nor do I want to skirt the issue of just what our responsibilities are individually as well as the church. Hopefully we can gain some perspective as we go further into this.

Will be praying for you.

Mike Balog

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God in heaven Chad what a sobering topic ...

I've been saved a long time and I feel the same way about sharing Christ ... My Pastor always tells us that if we all preached Christ to our own families that's a good enough start ... I suppose ... And I do ... But I have a nagging sensation also (the Holy Ghost) that I'm not all that I should be in the witnessing department ... I'm great with a thus saith the Lord to my fellow Christians, but down play when it comes to the world ... What's it gonna take for us to become serious you asked ... I'm firmly convinced it's gonna take one massive, swelling, downpour of Holy Ghost Revival ... We all need His help, for it's truly obvious in the modern church that His final harvest won't be reaped by our might and power, but by His ... Bro. Ravenhill often quipped that "the early church was electrifying, while the modern church electronic" ... And I'd venture to say that many of us have pulled plugs ... I'm always reminded that there were only 120 clueless Christians waiting in the upper room until God the Holy Ghost, the Lord Creator Spirit, rushed in ... then suddenly there were 3,000 ...

Churchianity has gotten us so far away from the essence of true Christianity today ... Most of us have been taught to treat the Holy Ghost like He comes with a thermostat ... But don't dismay my fellow seekers and knockers, Jesus hears our prayers, stores our tears, knows our fears, and above all else knows our hearts ... The Holy Spirit is about to out Pentecost the original Pentecost with us ... He's about to install His own thermostat on Christ Church!, and when He does He's gonna turn up our heat to maximum ... I believe this with all my heart, soul and being ... God is about to give us His power of Holy boldness in the witnessing of His salvation plan, while in unison softening the hearts of those we're to witness to ... That's what history shows He does in Revival ... I long to be a part of an empowered community of Christianity, instead of our present weak, segregated Churchianity ... Brother Ravenhill's "new demonstration of Christianity" is just on the horizon ... Amen

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