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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Ted Haggard Seeks Financial Support

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Exactly how did Swaggart repent?

He sought the LORD.

 2007/8/26 23:55

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That is a very high perch you are about to fall off.

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Mike Balog

 2007/8/27 0:10Profile

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I am praying for this man, his wife and family.

I had never heard of the man before his public exposure. From what I have learned, I stand miles apart from him in some areas of doctrine. While I won't send him any financial aid (for his Master's Degree), I do believe that the last chapter in his life has yet to be written. Even if he has been a complete fraud, the end of his life hasn't been written. I pray that he has a glorious, truly Christ-centered ending!



 2007/8/27 0:13Profile

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bro Compliments

Greetings in Jesus' Name by Whose Blood we are Saved.AMEN.

Ironman, your speaking to one who knows how to sin and does it quite well. Can you carry on a conversation without having to put forth Pauls admonition? I am fully aware of what your saying.

have we grown to a point where we no longer need to hear this admonition? i know i haven't. i don't know that it could ever become fact i feel that the moment we start to think that, we become sitting ducks. i may well be wrong or this admonition may well apply far much more to me than to you as God may have given you Grace to come to a point where you need not be reminded of this...i yet need it.

I know what this is saying, I am not talking about this. My posts have nothing to do with this, I am not speaking out of a self righteous pig. I am speaking about this man Ted Haggard. I know what I am talking about when it comes to homosexuality.

but brother Compliments, don't you think that our response to a brother who sins, be it in homosexuality, adultery or whatever ought to be the same as what Paul prescribed in this instance of adultery?Or should we be more harsh on homosexuality? i believe we ought not to show partiality...i have not seen the same outrage over fornication among our children, or adultery among us which i think has done far more damage than any other sexual sin.

i am trying to understand here bro so i ask that you bear with me.

God exposed this man because He loves him and wants him to repent of this thing and to seek Him for healing.

as He does with all sin yet it seems there is by far more outrage over you think homosexuality is a worse sin than fornication and adultery...or gossip? i fear (and maybe my fears are unfounded) that the outrage is more an effort to keep us from tending to fornication and adultery which are more rampant among us...not saying homosexuality ought to be left off the hook by any means, just equal outrage...or don't we want to squeal on ourselves?

What your missing in my point my Brother is this, he would have continued on in homosexual activity had he not been exposed. He denies that he had any homosexual desires and/or practiced it. This tells me that he is still holding on to it and it will show up again. I know what I am talking about, I've said the same words to someone who accused me and I kept denying it, the more I denied the more it became evident, until I confessed it to a confidant. But he's denying it. Do you understand what I am saying?

oh no bro, i understand what you are saying that save for the exposure he would have continued...then again he may yet be continuing, that is not the issue. my thing is are you praying for him as much as you are speaking out? yes you have done well in pointing out the problem, are we working together in prayer for God's solution though?

Pray for him yes by all means, also pray that God will expose this in his life without having to bring more of a reproach on the name of Jesus.

will you also pray? you know, this has been a period of reflection for me. you know every sin we commit does bring reproach to the Name of God whether it is seen or not...i've brought much reproach to His Name...i bless HIm for and see more clearly His Mercy on me that in spite of myself...basking in the blessedness of that MErcy...

Preachers who make jokes about those caught in a particular sin will get caught in the same sin. God loves sinners, He hears their hurting cry every day. And then He becomes grieved when He hears preachers joking about sinners and those caught in their sin.

true, makes me wonder how He feels when we fail to pray for one another as we ought...God Help us be Merciful...

Grace and Peace are ours in Jesus.AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2007/8/27 3:35Profile


Compliments said

This man doesn't need college, he needs to find a ghetto somewhere and meet rock bottom and find Jesus.

Yup. I imagine the gates of heaven are three feet high - the only way in is on hands and knees.

 2007/8/27 4:13

 Re: Ted Haggard Seeks Financial Support

How about Ted Haggard stop viewing the ministry as an occupation... and go get a job and support his family like the rest of us instead of expecting other people to give him money.

Personally, I think this is pathetic.


 2007/8/27 8:43

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Indiana, US


by KrispyKrittr on 2007/8/27 7:43:22

How about Ted Haggard stop viewing the ministry as an occupation... and go get a job and support his family like the rest of us instead of expecting other people to give him money.

i agree, but some people don't see things like that.

 2007/8/27 8:59Profile

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Compliments wrote:
The man lied about his relationship with this homosexual, lied about the drugs and then later on confessed in other interviews that he did get the drug from his guy.

The problem Ironman is this, he would have still been seeing him were it not for this guy squealing on him. He was getting away with it and he would have still been doing this had he not been exposed.

It's clear that Ted Haggard is not repentive, he will not confess that he has leanings towards homosexuality. He is thinking that once this all blows over, I will go to another town start all over and this other part of me will just go away. It won't go away, he will fall to this again. Once you taste this type of lust it ain't easy to get rid of. He was counseled and declared straight. Homosexuality is very deceptive.

Brother Jimmy Swaggart was exposed as well, but he repented and sought the LORD for help. He refused the Assemblies of God's counsel which was a wise decision, their counseling is laced with psychology. Ted Haggard needs to learn from Jimmy Swaggart.

This is an awful thing to say, but Haggard needs to fall into sin again until he learns that he cannot overcome the flesh by doing good works, thats why he is going to college. The best cure for a hypocrite is to fall into sin, it will either harden your heart or cry out to God for mercy.

I know, for I am one of the chief of sinners.

Wow, Compliments, I am quite taken aback by all your comments on this thread. Especially the above ones.

It is a sad and disheartening sin that MY former pastor committed. He should not have done the things he did, and he should have been more open with his mentors, and those around him he had for inegrity purposes. He fell, and he fell hard into the trap of the enemy.

I guarantee, that if you were ever caught in sin that would embarass you and bring your ministry to ruins, you would most likely want to lie, just the same. He lost his ministry, many friends, trust within his family, his leadership in the NAE, and many other things. Imagine your life coming to a sudden crashing halt... it would suck big time, and it did for him.

You can not sit here and judge a man's heart based upon the very small detail that you know, and say that he is unrepentative. He is still getting counseling, and his entire family is getting counseling. It is going to be a long road for all of them.

Just because someone sins doesn't mean they lose heart and passion for ministry. Have you ever lost a desire to serve God, because you've sinned? If you haven't, then why put that on another brother?

Have you talked with Ted Haggard? Did he tell you that he still longs for a homosexual lifestyle? Because I have been told quite the opposite from his family. He knows it is a horrible sin what he did, and he is working on his issues.

Can I ask you Compliments if you have sinned this week? If you have, then can I ask why you are allowed to minister to people? Did God only die for your sins? Or did He die for everyone's? Are you not aware that even as horrendous as the sin was committed by Ted Haggard, that God still forgave him? (Or are you judging God's heart, too?)

Just because a man wants to go to school, because he knows he will never pastor again, doesn't mean anything other then the fact that he still needs to earn a living. Have you ever thought about that? I don't know what your job is, but let's say that you could never do what you are doing ever again, and you couldn't do it anywhere on this planet. Uh, wouldn't you be wanting to get a different job? After all you would still have yourself and a family to support, wouldn't you? Is Ted Haggard, not allowed to do the same?

I am so glad that God is his judge, and not you. You have a calloused heart.

By the way, if you read the article you will note that he is going to school, and working on a support basis in the Dream Center. He is not getting paid an hourly or salary wage. This is why he is asking for help.

P.S. To say that someone needs to fall into sin again, when they are trying so hard to get back on their feet and never let that happen again, and they are crying out to God on a daily basis, is such a horrible, horrible thing to say.

 2007/8/27 9:09Profile

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Krispy, both he and his wife discussed these matters. Getting a degree in psychology to be a prof. counselor, is sorta stepping out of ministry, wouldn't you think? By the way, He and his wife both are pursuing these degrees. they want to do counseling together.

 2007/8/27 9:17Profile


This made me want to cry for a myriad of reasons but most importantly is that much of the Church probably doesn't see that demonic monsters have infiltrated the churches. Haggard as counselor to Christians? I think not.

Demons have not invaded the Church, they have invaded babylon the imposter church system, its just that we keep calling the harlot imposter the bride and her false prophets and teachers ministers of the Lord.

Is this man a fallen "brother" or a fallen "false teacher", he can't be both. Jesus said we would know them by their fruits. Haggard was a leader of our babylonian religous system, not the true Church.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/8/27 9:18

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