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 A song for my brothers and sisters

Hello everyone! I wrote this song not too long ago and thought I'd share it here :)

Don't Believe in the World

The world wants to draw you in
To love the world and its sin
Don't be blinded by the lies
Fix your eyes on the Savior
On the holy Word

Don't believe in what the world tells you
Don't believe in what the worldly do
Nothing can take the place of Jesus
No one can save you but Jesus

My heart is grieved dear brothers and sisters for your hearts that will not hear,
clinging to the unholy while professing Jesus near
How I hate the wickedness I see that you are captive to,
Oh God please change their hearts that they might hate evil too.
Many laugh and joke and scoff while claiming to know Christ.
How they can make light of sin, it makes me want to cry.
Oh do we see or understand the holiness of God?
Or would we rather push him away and enjoy what we want?


Oh worldliness that undoes the heart and sets many hearts astray,
Lord make us holy, make us righteous, begin today!
Take away our pridefulness and teach us how to love
That we'd be living sacrifices honoring God above.
Invade our lives, shake us up, break us, make us new.
We're in need of your holy fire to purify and renew.
Lord thank you for opening my eyes to sin that I can see.
Transform my heart in rapturous love for my Savior who set me free!


Click here to listen to song

In the love of Christ,


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 Re: A song for my brothers and sisters

thank you for sharing :)
may Lord give you more songs
I will be praying for that :)

In His love


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