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 D.L Moody quotes

• "The doctrine of the New Birth is the foundation of all our hopes for the world to come... My experience has been this -- that if a man is unsound on this doctrine he will be unsound on almost every other fundamental doctrine in the Bible... To be born again is the greatest blessing that will ever come to us in this world." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "I have felt the Spirit of God working in my heart just as really and as truly as I have felt the wind blowing in my face." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "The only way to get into the kingdom of God is to be born into it." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "You may see many countries, but there is one country -- the land of Beulah, which John Bunyan saw in vision -- you shall never behold, unless you are born again -- regenerated by Christ." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "There is not much hope of a man's being saved until the fear of God comes upon him." The Thief On The Cross

• "The idea that because a person does a thing in the dark it will never be brought to light, is fatal -- God says it shall be brought to light. It is folly for a man who has covered his sins to think there shall be no resurrection of them and no final adjudication." When A Man Sows, He Expects To Reap

• "I don't think a man gains much by loading himself down with weapons to defend himself... The Word of God is a much better protection than the revolver. We had better take the Word of God to protect us, by accepting its teaching, and living out its precepts." Witnessing In Power

• "When Jesus Christ enlists a man in His service, He shows him the dark side; He lets him know that he must live a life of self-denial. If a man is not willing to go to heaven by the way of Calvary, he cannot go at all." The Christian's Warfare

• "My experience is that those who pray most in their closets generally make short prayers in public. Long prayers are too often not prayers at all, and they weary the people... We hear a good deal of praying that is just exhorting, and if you did not see the man's eyes closed, you would suppose he was preaching." The Prayers Of The Bible

• "Is there any one here who hasn't got eternal life? I don't like to pass over this, and leave any one outside the kingdom. If you are not in, my friends, take my advice; don't eat, or drink, or sleep until you get eternal life." The Ninety-First Psalm

• "An old writer said that some books are to be tasted, some to be swallowed, and some to be chewed and digested. The Bible is one that you can never exhaust. It is like a bottomless well: you can always find fresh truths gushing forth from its pages." Bible Marking

• "Some people do not believe in SUDDEN CONVERSION. But I will challenge any one to show a conversion in the New Testament that was not instantaneous." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "Although regeneration or the new birth is taught so plainly in the third chapter of John, I don’t believe there is any truth in the whole Bible that there is such great darkness about as this great truth. There are a great many like the man that saw men as trees walking. Many Christians do not seem to be clear about this new birth." The New Birth

• "My friends, don’t build your hope of heaven upon some profession of your faith, but bear in mind you must be born of God." The New Birth

• "Now, I believe this new birth is instantaneous." The New Birth

• "God alone is the author of life; and if you have the new birth, it must be God’s work... You cannot save yourself... Your souls are dead in trespasses and sins, and only the Lord Jesus Christ can speak life." The New Birth

• "Regeneration is a new creation; and if it is a new creation it must be the work of God." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people... Heaven is filled with a company of those who have been TWICE BORN." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "Bear in mind that your eye will never rest upon the river which bursts out from the Throne of God and flows through the upper Kingdom, unless you are born again. God has said it; and not man." The Gateway Into The Kingdom

• "To the actual Christian, the personality of the Holy Spirit is more real than any theory science has to offer, for so-called science is but calculation based on human observation, and is constantly changing its inferences. But the existence of the Holy Spirit is to the child of God a matter of Scripture revelation and of actual experience." Secret Power

• "Like the Eternal Son, the Eternal Spirit having life in Himself, is working out all things after the counsel of His own will, and for the everlasting glory of the Triune Godhead." Secret Power


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